Jul 31, 2020

My apologies

I mentioned that I did not want my gold threads and if anyone was interested to email.  I couldn't figure out why I had so many requests, so I did a little research.  These are not the current DMC spools for a few bucks that have a twist.  I found this Etsy listing, the same threads as mine.  That price is for ONE spool of gold, the silver is $38.  I haven't found any others so I don't know if this is too high, or because of being vintage and no longer made it is rare.  From what I've read, they stopped adding real gold long ago.  Either way, I gave away several fine gold hanks for embroidery a while ago and I'm sorry I did, so I think I should not make that mistake again.  The stickered price of $4.40 is still on my spools and that is listed on this box from the 60's.  Gold was around $35 an ounce, it's now closing in on $1900.  
I should have bought the gold back then, not the thread.
Please accept my apology but I've decided to hold on to them.

As for Carole, no she is not losing mental capacity, she doesn't take initiative.  She has always relied on others (her late husband and moi) to interpret reports, statement, taxes, instructions, directions, you get the idea.  She called in a panic last week because the appointment notice sent from Cleveland was wrong.  I looked at it, all in order, easily understood, and I made the drama queen read it again.  When you quickly go over information only once, you miss most of it.  Being in so many hospital rooms/baths which all have that red cord, she should have known the purpose.  She does now.  

You can't imagine the mail that I have to interpret for both she and Chris.  I know Chris has a problem and was never diagnosed in school for his dyslexia so getting a second opinion on what he's reading is a good idea.  We didn't realize this until several years ago when a truck imprinted with RSPC was stopped in front of his house.  He said it was SPCR.  Asked to repeat, same thing, and then it all made sense.  His brain works the same way in addition to ADD.  If he hears 350 Forest Lane in Sharon, he will repeat 53 Sharon Road in Forest.  We never understood why he always got things wrong which has really increased with age.  He has felt inadequate his entire life and what a difference it would have made if the school did more than tell his parents he had bad study habits.  Every year, conferences and meetings, the blame was always put on him as a failure. We have no idea if his biological mom was healthy and he has no desire to research.

I did the little birds in the same colors as the larger, but it's too matchy matchy for me.  Trying solid color next.  Should finish this weekend and am contemplating the next project.

Enjoy your weekend! 



TheCrankyCrow said...

Whoa! Glad you did some research and definitely you should keep them! When you first mentioned them, it brought to mind a cross stitch project I did years and years ago that called for gold thread....I got some and used it....and cursed it with every stitch LOL. I am sure it lurks here someplace still. I am anxious to see the little birdies come to life. ~Robin~

bluetit said...

heureux que vous ayez regardé
un bonjour de Bourgogne
DMC a commercialisé un fil d or a 24k , 8 m ,a 99 euros
joli cadeau
bisous belle journée

Ms Peppercorn said...

Crap Marly! You always sell too cheaply but this time it was actually for “pennies on the dollar”! Glad you realized it in time.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The colors of your bird are too sweet!
No apologies needed on the thread. Heck, you are so honest and up front. You could have just not posted any more about them and it would have been assumed you gave them away.
You are a saint in my book all you do for your sister!!!

JustGail said...

I think I have some of that old DMC... interesting information on how much it can go for. Although I must say if memory is correct, it was a royal PITA to work with.

Good to know that Carole isn't losing mental capacity. Sometimes such things can creep up and those closest don't realize until asked if that's how it's always been or if things have changed. Sort of like when DH drives my car and asks how long it's been doing that...to which I say "doing what?" then I need try and remember when it started.

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