Aug 2, 2020


Right in the middle of crab season.  It's when the crabasses start getting meaner as summer fades.  I have a shellfish allergy even though I would have crab legs, lobster, shrimp for many years.  A few hives once in a while.  When a local doctor's wife died within minutes after taking a shrimp from a platter on New Year's Eve (she never had more than a few hives either), I decided it was not worth the chance.  Back in those days of tight jawlines, estrogen, and slim hips, I did not realize these creatures are boiled alive.  Horrible.  Can't they kill them before going into the pot?

Yesterday I made zucchini pizzas.  Saw several recipes online and tried my own method since our zukes are very firm and taking longer to cook.  Maybe the lack of rain?  I cut them thicker than 1/4", let them release their water after salting for about an hour.  Dried off and on a sprayed tin foil, roasted at 425 for 5-6 minutes each side.  Added Ragu Simply,  Kraft Italian blend shreds, and pepperoni strips.  Back in for 3 minutes.  Could not stop eating them.
I mentioned previously about the autistic child that would not wear shoes.  Well, the idea worked.  I attached a tag with a drawn dinosaur that stated they will only fit children who love dinosaurs and cannot be worn by others.  He grabbed them and took them home, has been wearing them!!  But we still can't get him to wear a mask.  Next weekend I hope to have a clear face guard with head band for him, complete with dino stickers.  If that doesn't work, he can't go to school and with no teacher contact at all as has been the case, he will continue to regress.

My friend's DIL has done a great job with the kids at home.  Every week, there is a new skills project.  Started with how to sew on a button, darn a sock, use a sewing machine, tend to a flower garden, cook eggs and pancakes, hand wash a clothing item, banking, and their favorite - writing a letter to someone (mom taught them cursive two years ago).  They have received replies and are continuing this exercise and thoroughly enjoying it.  Others are writing a story, history of WWI and II, types of government and how they differ, and other subjects not taught in their schools.  What a great idea.  They were allowed to use their computers to research and watch how-to videos.  

Surprisingly, Shaker Woods Festival is starting next weekend.  The vendors all have cabins throughout the woods but they aren't allowed to use them.  All wares must be outside which is going to be much more work for them.  But it will also make it easier for people to help themselves to the displays.  I have no idea how they will count people going into the woods, masks are required, and I'm thinking there will be a lot of people anxious to attend.  

Hope the weekend is going well for you.  Cannot believe it's August!  I'm giving haircuts today, outside, yesterday was a much needed rain day.

Stay safe!!
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Barb said...

It sounds like your friend's DIL is doing a wonderful job! Good for her!

C M Designs said...

I hope the clear mask with the dinosaur will work. So much to think about now for kids and their education. This covid mess really has torn up our country in more ways than one.
Your zucchini recipe sounds delicious. Have seen it on FB and copied it to make for us.
I don't feel like there should be names for months or dates for feels like the time is all running day after the next, no difference in time...if we didn't have night and day it would all be the same. That's just me talking.
Some days are better than others. Some days I have energy and others I don't want to do anything.
Jill is having to sign papers that she is high risk in order to go to her college to get some books that she left in April........just relieving the college from any responsibility if she were to get Covid while there.
I hope the days of August will be much better (don't know how) than the past months. Looking forward to some good rain from that tropical storm and it's crazy name.
Take care, be well !
Charlotte in Va.

Maureen said...

Marly you are a clever and kind person!

Mary said...

Glad he is wearing shoes, have you checked out Etsy for dinosaur face shields. I saw some cute things for children. I was looking at goggle /face shields for us but then decided if I have to wear them i will never leave house ( ok I went too Dentist and Frame Shop)until a vaccine is developed. Both Dentist and Frames shop were following CDC/ state guide lines. I admit I quit like having someone open door for me. Stay cool, hoping for rain

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yay for the success on the dino shoes!!! And, ummmm....good luck with the mask thing. Our school districts have voted to not reopen schools. Really??? We are NOT in an area with a lot of cases relatively speaking....and I think there has only been 1 death in the entire county. I know, I know...any death is too many....but more died from the regular flu and schools weren't permanently shut down. Those zucchini pizza bites look and sound great. Going to have to try them seeing as I accidentally grew some zucchini (yeah, don't ask...I have never, planted it so don't know how it sprouted up with my petunias and Cosmos LOL)....and one can only eat so much zucchini bread...ok, make that "should" vs. "can." Are pepperoni strips next to the little pepperoni circles?? Don't think I've seen them before?? although I am sure the circles would work just as well. ~Robin~

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