Oct 15, 2020

Being left out

 Hello stitching buds.  First off, if anyone has spotted PTP Vellum 36 or 40 in a shop, please send me the name so I can call them.   Thanks much.

Has anyone decided that a border was not necessary and finished a sampler without it?  Have I considered it?  Yep.  I'm trying to decide the next project and chose a few medium sized and several large that I have been avoiding for some time.  The Sarah Needham border is too magnificent to ignore, but what about Ann Spence's?  Ann's is the style that I dislike most, not in appearance, but in execution.  The sampler is mostly motifs (which I usually have issues with) but I do want to stitch her.  So how about working on smaller and easier projects between stitching the borders of a few big girls?  If they're completed, maybe I would be less reluctant to start them.  But do you think it's better to work borders as the body is stitched, easier to keep aligned?  Unless the body is off and all of my mostly motif samplers are.  Stitching the bottom first and working up each side would be my choice, with a horizontal basting line every 30 threads.  I am considering this for Ann, Sarah, and Mary Barres and weighing the good and bad of this idea.

The pin was removed this morning.  He had no choice since there is infection, which is why it's been so painful.  Antibiotics causing diarrhea and a yeast infection coming up! 

My gorgeous fern still growing like mad.  The orange mums I purchased?  All five are dark maroon.

Hope your week is going well.  Thanks for visiting.



diamondc said...

Marly: I am so happy the pin was removed, one of my friends had a very bad infection from the pin in her wrist, after taking it out she started feeling better, yep yeast infection goes with antibiotics.
I have stitched without a boarder, if I do so then I run a basting line where the stitch line was to be to make sure I have everything straight.
Your fern is amazing, can it come in for the winter? I love my fall plants but with 30 degree weather now they are fading, so sad.
Hugs to you have a beautiful day


Terri said...

Glad the pin was removed! If you like yogurt, eating some every day will get rid of the yeast infection, or at least keep it from getting very bad.

Anonymous said...

123 stitch, has Vellum in 40 count

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy that the pin was removed but so sorry about the infection. Antibiotics sure can wreak havoc in one's body!!!

Vickie said...

Oh goodness. I hope your toe issue gets solved. :(
I hope you like maroon mums?!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thank goodness you went in...who knows how far it would have spread.... Hope you get the infection under control soon....and fingers crossed it will be without the usual side effects of antibiotics. As for borders, I'm no help. To me it sounds like a good idea to wait until you've finished them up and work them in between smaller projects if you're that unfond of them. (Hey...since when is "unfond" not a word???) Anyways....I usually don't do samplers on your scale, but you (and Catherine) must stitch quite differently than me...Why would a basting line be necessary if you count out from a given point to your border and then work your border as charted??? Confused...Your fern looks gorgeous.... Mine tempted me too this year....but I just don't have space to keep them over...and they get so dang "messy" LOL. Thanks for the reminder...I best go haul my solitary yellow (yuk) mum into the garage.....going to be a hard freeze tonight...and highs only in the 30's the next several days. Hoping nothing falls from the sky. Get better...think this calls for extra doses of chocolate!!! ~Robin~

Jacqueline said...

You can’t win for losing. Hope your infection clears up quickly. Maroon mums are pretty too

Robin in Virginia said...

Your fern looks gorgeous, Marly. Sorry the mums are maroon instead of orange! Glad the pin has been removed, but sorry to hear of the infection. Either yogurt or a probiotic will help with the side effects from the antibiotics.

Nicki said...

Eat yogurt with active cultures everyday. By doing that you might possibly avoid a yeast infection! I stitch my border as I go. I think it is more fun that way.

Truus said...

Happy that the pin has removed but sorry for the infection! As other are saying eat yogurt that will help.
Your fern is beautiful and I have several in the garden.They will die back and in spring they are back again.
Great idea to stitch the border in between some smaller projects.
Stay save!
Greetings, Truus from Holland

iowagirl said...

I love working large samplers. Usually I work the border across the top and down the left side. Then work the middle area and finish the other borders last. Doing so let's me fudge it a bit if I make an error along the way. Enjoy the journey.

C M Designs said...

Am happy the pin was removed. Sorry you had so much pain. I hope the antibiotics will take care of the infection without all of the side affects.
Your fern is gorgeous.
Have a happy Friday and delightful weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Marly, hope the toe feels better soon. I have 2 x-stitch stores to try. I used to live in PA now NC and I have visited Strawberry Sampler many times and ordered from both w/o problem. 1) The Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills, Pa 1-800-634-6106. 2) Ye Olde Cross Stitchery in Bristol, PA 1-877-785-0870. Hope you are successful.

CathieJ said...

I am so glad that the pin was removed. Despite the side effects of the antibiotics, I am sure you will feel much better shortly. I don't have any opinion on those samplers, but it seems to me that if the motifs give you fits, I would start with the border and then place the motifs based on the border. As long as the borde is correct, the motifs should follow suit more easily.

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