Oct 18, 2020

Where's the pumpkin?

 I keep missing the new canned pumpkin stock, which may be a good thing.  Otherwise, my piehole would be filled.  Trying to cut down on calories and fat, I usually put the filling in a casserole dish and bake crustless.  

These green tomatoes are the last of summer's bounty, love the color, frying this afternoon.

We went for a ride yesterday and the sun was making the colored leaves sparkle.  But a beautiful day with colored scenery doesn't change the fact that summer is over and I'm ticked.  We stopped at Apple Castle in New Wilmington and the fields around the store were filled with cars.  The hay wagon was giving rides through pumpkin patches, people were picking their own apples from acres of trees.  We passed but on the return spotted a parking space so ventured into the crowds inside.  I bought an orange cauliflower (their produce is all local) and my goodness it is great.  The taste is as if it was smothered with butter, very very good.  I hope to get another this week.  Down the road off a very narrow and dusty lane, an Amish farm was selling pumpkins of any size for THREE DOLLARS.  There were many so large that a dolly was handy for transporting to your car.  My inside decorating amounts to the huge wooden bowl filled with large gourds and my twig tree.  Pumpkinhead is still guarding my unframed samplers.

I haven't decided on fabric for the drum, the brown matches the basket perfectly, but I do like the muted red.  Probably not the best choice for a drum though, better for backing.

Some of us are already into cold weather habits.

I will be offering this frame tote in a day or so if anyone is interested.  Not sure if Facebook groups would be a better place, but I am not that experienced with the site.  The new format showed me messages that were sent a year ago, never saw.  Very nicely made with gusseted bottom and fully lined, 24" high and 16" wide (flat).  

Hope your weekend is peaceful!



Rugs and Pugs said...

You just reminded me I forgot to get out my HUGE wooden bowl and gourds...lol. Maybe when the Halloween stuff is put away I will get it out...maybe not.
Great deal on the pumpkins. I usually don't buy any bc of the squirrels, but found one for a couple bucks. The squirrels have just discovered it in the last few days so soon I will find it in the yard half eaten.

Jacqueline said...

Has been a very quiet weekend. The couch and refrigerator have been my best friends

celkalee said...

Fall harvest vege are the best, never tried the cauliflower, need to expand my horizons! Love the bowl and gourds, love simple.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Orange cauliflower??? Hmmm....I seem to always learn or hear of something new when I visit you. Never heard of, nor seen, it. Our fall colors have been stripped from the trees and, best I can tell, are on their way to Kansas at this point. Woke up to snow the last 3 mornings...and it doesn't look like it's going to be anything better for as far as my forecast extends. Gonna be a nippy ride on the 31st LOL. Ahhh...quite the dilemma on the drum fabrics....That first one echoes the basket perfectly!!! But dang....the muted red pulls the berries just as perfectly. Good luck with that one LOL. I wish I could be satisfied decorating simply like that....I do so love the look...but, as you know, I have to fall off the deep end. Stay warm.... ~Robin~ (And, what's this about pumpkin??? Can't find canned pumpkin??? I was going to make my pumpkin cheesecake muffins and need some for them....Don't tell me I have to get a pumpkin and actually cook it down the hard way.... Eee gad....) ~Robin~

Truus said...

Never seen an orange cauliflower--did see a purple one.
Love the red fabric with your stitching-it made it sparkling.
Enjoy your day.
Greetings, Truus from Holland

Ele said...

what a beautiful room you have there, love the way the cupboards outline the window sill. Lovely finish too!

C M Designs said...

Love your huge bowl filled with the gourds. I knew you'd find something to put in it.
Either the brown or the red would be nice for you drum...maybe the brown to go with the stitched basket ?
Bud man looks cozy, comfy in the basket. Mine don't usually get into baskets or bowels, etc. Pippa likes my big rocking chair with a towel in it......they both love to lay on towels also the brown paper that comes in Amazon boxes. They like to hear the crinkling noise it makes. Silly kitties.
I love cauliflower......have never seen an orange one.
Want to make some butternut squash soup....love it.
Have a wonderful week.
Charlotte in Va.

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: Your fall display is lovely, I love gourds.
I am not sure which fabric I like, I like them both, but lean a little more toward the gold fabric.
Your boo boo kitty looks so comfortable.
I would love to see a cauliflower like the one you had, have never seen or heard of one like that.
Have a great week.


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