Jul 27, 2011

What's next?

Hello everyone.  It's a cooler day here in PA and I'm hoping that those of you suffering in the terrible heat are getting relief also.  The tree pros came out Monday and removed the downed trees, we raked for the final time, cut the grass, and now have to fill all the stump holes and repair the truck's damage.  Never ends!  All the fabric boxes were mailed by morning 7/26, and believe me it took a lot of tape to keep them shut!  After reviewing other international post pricing for packages, it was a deal.  Hope you will be happy!

I completed the sliding box and I'm liking it.  It can stand on the mantle...

Be used for storage to hold supplies, projects, remotes, or chocolate...

Or displayed as a framed sampler in a grouping. 
 I like this box idea!  It's framed but I can stand it and move it around depending on my hormones mood.

Lucy Redd is still my next big project, but since I love to be outside on my swing, it's a little too cumbersome because of its 23x21 size.  I don't hoop but probably should try it some day.  
Not the ideal place to stitch, but I love to be outside and had electric run on the post so I can plug in a fan (mosquitoes can't fly in a breeze), computer, or additional light.

Considering a smaller project brought me to Ann Wragg or this Sheepish Antiques...

and since I can no longer find Wragg, I may pull supplies for the EB.  Something about this one appeals to me, and something doesn't.  It may be the wallpaper which is detracting from the piece.  Mary Oldfield is another to consider being  less than 7" wide.

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to The Primitive Hare.  Visit her blog and you'll find a really neat little free chart HERE.  I just love it and found lots of ideas and items to purchase.

So next time, you'll see what I chose.  I'll leave you with two of the growing kittens.  One from the litter has found a home, and we're still trying with the remaining.
I'm leaving soon to have the first of routine cardiology tests, which is why this post may have some errors - no time to proofread.  Not sure if a stress test will also be ordered this year, but I can tell you that a man came up with that one.   When I hear a woman refer to experiencing stress, it's never walking on a treadmill!  I understand that exercise can "stress" the heart, but endurance would be a more appropriate name.   Just my opinion. 
Have a good day all!

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