Jul 23, 2011

Winners and James Creek

Hello everyone.   FIRST - if you requested a box of fabric, please check that page to see whose name was pulled for each one.    You can email me samplersandsantas@gmail.com for my address to send a money order, check, or if you want to use PayPal.  Please send your complete address in the email also.  Winners in another country will be postage of $13.95, and U.S. will be $5.20 + .80 for tracking.  Let me know if you want the tracking or not, international tracking is unavailable.  I will fill out customs forms and hopefully they won't open the box cause it's stuffed!!  If you've changed your mind, decided for any reason you don't want the box, please let me know - I've kept the entries and have no problem drawing another name.   No need to feel obligated!   I feel bad that I didn't have enough for everyone and I'm sorry for that. 

SECOND - Hub and I went to Volant, PA to one of my favorite shops (click on) James Creek Galleries.
 Look how cool this is!  It has a separate lid and a nice deep box.  Wonderful distressed paint.  The whole thing is 15 1/2" tall.  And now for the best part.  It was under $30! 

This place has some high end furniture (go to their Facebook page and check out the first pic in the second row of photos).  The double Charlestown Buffet from JL Treharn is a knockout.  There are so many other items and colonial style goodies in all price ranges, most of them very reasonable.  LOVE this place.   They have everything you need to decorate your home.

Now for the reason I didn't do any stitching or work on the sliding box.

 Four trees down, debris everywhere, and my birch that shaded the house, twisted like a pretzel and will have to be removed.


I finally finished raking the entire yard this afternoon of the twigs and limbs.  One 40' tree was bent over sideways to about six feet above the ground and blocked the road like a gate.  It never broke or came out of the ground.  Weird.  It naturally had to be cut.  The rest will be taken care of by professionals and I'm sure it will cost plenty.  We have a $500 deductible, and the insurance will only cover up to $500 over that.  The rest is out of pocket.  After the last two days of working in sun of 95 degrees, I will pay anything!!  I was so drenched in sweat I thought for sure I'd lost a pound or two.  Nope.  Too old for this crap.

That's it for now.  After I recover, and get the fabric boxes done with, I will start something new. 
BTW - "Signs" is on.  One of my favorite movies.  That little girl is so sweet and the end is so good!!!  Have a good weekend and stay cool everyone.
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