Jan 16, 2012

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Hiya people.  This post will be all over the place, from stitching to scarf holders to dried oranges to brat cats to stash!  First up, the Woodlawn sampler I'm working on and the color changes.
The alphabet is charted for 223 which is also used in the motifs, and I changed that to 632.  The vine in the border was to be 3045 with 501 and 822 leaves, but I've changed 3045 to 3021, and decided all the leaves will be 501.  Those two color changes will be throughout the entire piece and all others will be as charted.

I also started the Birds of a Feather's Black Santa, and received my Gold Santa!!!  He is done in metallic gold which I will substitute with cotton floss.   Maybe 3045 since it was kicked off the Woodlawn team. 
These are the other charts from one order.  I've always loved the Tulip Heart so decided to try punch needle, and the other charts are mostly alphabet, which I prefer.  The miniature ABCD is done over one but I plan on stitching it over two.   The simple Hannah Haines from Hands to Work may end up on a basket.
 I've had several requests for information on how to dry oranges/lemons.   Here's how it started....I forgot about them in the fruit keeper.  One day I starting cleaning the fridge and found these rock hard orange balls stuffed in the back.  The left one has been drying (unbagged) in the fridge, the right one just sitting out, and either way works.   The one on the right has shrunk considerably and is already hard.  The center of the fruit takes quite a while to eventually lose all moisture.  If you try this, keep in mind that some will be wonky, shriveled, splotchy, and misshapen.  Unless they mold, just keep turning them.  Here are three from the same batch, and one that dried funky, which I don't mind.
 Now for the scarves.  I have a bunch so to keep them handy, I got a small towel rod to fit inside the closet door.  Hollow core doors only have 1 1/2 inches of support around the edge.  If your rod doesn't end in that area, screw it to a 1x4 board and attach that board 1/2" in from the door edge. I plan on a length of loose cord or elastic attached much lower so I can tuck the scarf ends behind it, keeping them from flying around when the door is slammed shut. 

And while putting away the Christmas trees, covered with huge black plastic bags and looking like pod storage from a horror movie, I was surprised at finding a box containing this...

Remember when I showed the original box, but couldn't find the contents?  Well, I found the little Singer, but now can't find the box.  I also found a little quilt that I did along with a bunch of precut squares and strips that I have no use for. 

And finally, the surgery day for the female brat cats hasn't happened, but I came close!  A little too close.  These brats won't set foot in the trap or a carrier (yet they love their cat boxes!), so I grabbed the little one.  The little devil lets me pet her but when I picked her up, she tore into me so fast I never had a chance to wrap the towel around.  I'll keep trying.
That's about it.  I've been working on the sampler labels for the boxes and will have them ready soon.  And something tells me I should be looking at new laptops.  I'm having more problems viewing blogs, freezing screens, and have tried unloading, reloading, update removals, update renewals, tight security, no security, and nothing is making me happy.  I bought a stick-in-the-side-thingamabob and downloaded my photos to it just to be safe.  I asked the Staples guy if any were menopause-proof and he said not to his knowledge.  So until next time, if there is a next time, stay safe, thank you for visiting, and have a great week! 


Bertie said...

Oh lovely stash Marly, look forward to seeing those all made up:))
Love the gold Santa!
Your hand looks shockingly sore!!
Love your little sewing machine, I have never seen them in the UK.
Take care now:))

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I love reading your blog.
That's all - I just love reading it!!! Love Irene xxx

Barbara said...

Ouch!! Hope it heals fast and I love the idea for scarves. They are such a bugger to store. Love the little Singer machine...too cute.

Krista said...

Nice start for your Woodlawn sampler, and great new stash patterns! Hope the kitties behave, I know I have a heck of a time getting mine into any type of carrier, it turns into a major hide and seek game when that needs to happen!

oh, and I have had issues with some blog pages too, I think it may be a blogger problem!?

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I like the color changes you made for you Woodlawn sampler piece. I think this piece is going to be beautiful. I may have to learn how to do punch needle just so that I can do that Tulip Heart pattern, wow!!!! Can't wait to see your finish! Love the stash.

Faye said...

Good Lordy!! Look at that stash haul~~ We must be cut from the same quilt...I LOVE the Tulilp and Christmas House from Notforgotton Farm...Both are in my head on my wish list.... PLEASE let me know when you any menapause proof gadgets!~ I will need you to get 2 of each!~

Melissa said...

Oh you make me laugh! Menopause-proof! Yeah imagine if things had those labels on them! Was it you who kept saying "meno-brain" coz I've started using that term a lot!

Love your new start. It's going to look great. How lucky you are to have that Singer machine!

Margaret said...

ROTFL! I bet the Staples guy was looking at you funny after that question! lolol! You crack me up!

I love all your stash! Yum-o! And your Woodlawn piece is going to be so pretty! Love those Santas of course. Sigh. Oh, and I've managed to dry oranges just by accident. lol! Glad you found the sewing machine. I wonder where the box went. :D

What a little meanie scratching you!

Laurie in Iowa said...

LOL... your sense of humor will beat all menopause woes.
Great stash haul and I love the start of your Woodlawn piece. Those BOAF Santas are wonderful too.
Yikes... kitties can be quite vicious.

barbara said...

What utterly fabulous stash!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
Great start on Virginie!
LOVE that little Singer. It looks in mint condition.
Happy stitching.
Hugs :)

Peggy Lee said...

I like the color changes to the Woodlawn Sampler.
You made me laugh about the pod storage from a horror movie! Our Christmas tree is currently in the garage attic looking exactly like that!
Oh that darn cat! OUCH!!
Better luck next time.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Adorable little Singer. What a treasure. I like your color
choices.I'm stitching a reproduction
sampler and I'm disappointed with the
way my colors look as opposed to the original. But I'm following the charted directions. Maybe the colors were chosen from the back(?)of the sampler where the colors aren't faded? The only thing I don't like about cats are their claws. Ouch!
Ours like to kick with their back set.

Siobhán said...

Owwww! Your scratches look painful.

Love the new stash! I don't know if this will help with the computer, but if you're having problems with viewing blogs, try using Firefox as your browser. The same thing was happening to my daughter when she tried to view blogs and changing from Internet Explorer to Firefox helped.

Chris said...

Hi Marly,
I love the sampler that you are working on. The new stash looks great. I am glad that you were able to hunt down those Santa charts.
I am nor sure about the cats. Does the vets office have any advice or is there a local feral cat group that can help you? I know that they use traps.
I hope that the computer issues resolve themselves.
Have a great week!

jonette said...

Somebody else already posted this but I had the same problem and using Firefox Mozilla really helps. Love your blog!

Carol said...

Lots of "s" words in this post, Marly--I'll add another; your sampler is looking splendid :)

Good luck with your blogger problems--I also use Mozilla Firefox and love it. Maybe give that a try?

Shirlee said...

Marly ... So many wonderful things (except for those cat scratches)! I love your new welcome photo. You think of such nice ways to display your stitching! I need to get me a basket like that. I always steal nice ways to display stitching ... lol! Blessings, Shirlee

Anonymous said...

Cute little Singer. Wowie! Good luck on the towel wrapping. Maybe wear it across your chest and then drop it down lightning fast?? imvickie@yahoo.com

Penny said...

Great start on your Woodlawn Sampler. Those little BOAF Santas are so cute and I love the charts in your little pile there! Always so many interesting things in your posts. :) Wish I had some helpful advice about the cats - your poor hand definitely looks painful! It's hard enough to get tame cats into a carrier.
Would have loved to see the look on the Staples guy's face. :)

cucki said...

Aww sweet little singer machine..
very lovely stash..I lOve the sampler you working on..
Big hugs cucki xxx

Gabi said...

Love your Woodlawn Sampler. It looks gorgeous already.
With the Gold Santa you have now all of the series?
Love your stash, and you're right , the Tulip Heart is gorgeous.
Outch, your hand looks rather painful. Hope you're having next time better luck catching bratty cat.

Sherry said...

Bless your heart! I hope your hand feels better soon! Love the Santas! I cannot find Red or Gold Santa anywhere! Great trick with the oranges!

Jeanne said...

I don't know your blog escaped my notice for so long but glad to now be a follower. Love your projects. Glad I'm not the only one who sometimes regrets getting rid of things on eBay etc!

Suzanne said...

Love your start on the Woodlawn sampler, your colour choices are quite pretty. I have tried to dry the oranges, but with our humidity I had no success, I will have to give the refrigerator a go.
Naughty kitty!

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