Nov 6, 2012

Change of plans

Greetings.  VOTE!  For my guy!  Long line early this morning and everyone liked my hoodless hoodie.  My plans for EVLA next week were changed quickly when a slot opened for this morning.  Since my leg was still mapped I was the only one that could be added to the roster.  I jumped at the chance to get it over with and had it done today.   Wasn't as painful as the first leg.  But it is now which is fine with me.
There was also a change in stitching plans.  I finally found the Santa charts that were missing (I forgot I gave a group of PS's away in an offering!) and this was lying beneath.
This kind of fits the bill of wanting to work on a sampler while adding to the Christmas decor.  I had Mary Beale's Sampler Wreath, never stitched it, and I believe it's gone forever.  It's been years since I've seen it.  No longer available but Mary's site still has this one and other ornaments,  I think.  If you've never visited her site, click here and be sure to click on Linda's trees to view the sampler trees.  I can't believe how many floss colors are required for this design but I'm ready to start.
My boxes came in and it's a win/lose situation.  The boxes are perfectly shaped, but they are slightly smaller than the ones I've always used.  Maybe this is why I can't get the others - everything else is being made smaller and this could be the new size.  Even my haircolor is now 1.84 ounces instead of 2.0.  Really?  1.84?  Here they are stacked among the others and you can see the little bit of difference, but they can make a stack of 6 because of the change.

I could use the same labels and no one would probably notice the difference if I had shut up.  This is the newest size and I love it.  It's the size of the bottom of the stack as a single and higher.  Can't wait to work on these.  Sending this shipment back would be costly and since I can't find them elsewhere, will probably keep these.
The wireless connection to the printer is still a problem, and if it wasn't so heavy, would have been out the window by now.
I'll work on fixing that or replacing it so I can get to finishing the boxes. 
Hopefully, I won't lose interest in the new stitching project, but lots of color changes make me nuts.  As I've said before, I'm a stitch wimp!

I hope all is well with you and yours. 
 Thank you for visiting.
Stay safe and stitch happy.
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