Nov 8, 2012

Progress, purchase, and pears

Hello!  Just a quick post to show you a few things.  I never know how I will come down from a menopausal blitz.  Sometimes it's a calming warm fuzzy feeling, sometimes it's a silly laugh fest, sometimes a boo-hoo day of crying jags.  With the recent upsetting news, this time became an urge to shop.  So I've been ordering more online stitching items and charts, and found a few items at my one and only antique mall. 
Here's two that came home with me.  I also purchased a single drawer little table that I will show next time.   This bowl has a nice lip and the sugar bowl is pewter.

I received an email from Sara, you can visit her blog here, along with a photo of the three pear designs.  Thank you Sara!   The next one is ready and is all verse, but I think I should try a Christmas design, so we'll see what shows up on the 1st. 

She also has a sweet finish of The Little Stitcher's free chart which you can find here or visit The Little Stitcher's great blog here.
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And in case you are interested in studding a few pears, here's the 10 day progress.  You can see it's darkened and shrinking, and at this point still mushy.  It can be gently shaped at this point or even a few days later.

Now for my progress....

The angel's skirt is charted with a U symbol that I couldn't find anywhere.  It appears to be the same 355 that's in the flowers, but I used 3777 for a little more depth.  Real departure for me, but I enjoy these colors.  All in all, going pretty smoothly!  And I love it. 

I had the packing removed from the gum surgery, my ultrasound for the leg showed no clots and a successful surgery.  Now it's just 8 sessions of injections, two weeks apart, so I'm glad this is all behind me.  No change with my cousin, and thank you all for your concern.  She has been transferred to an excellent rehab facility in Roseville, CA, only ten minutes from her brother in Sacramento.
That wraps it up for me. Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.
Thanks for visiting, stay safe!!
Happy stitching.
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