Nov 15, 2012

I am woman, hear me whine

Hi everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  Several things happening here that have me snarky.  One is the wrist, which was healed and doing well!  The other day...boom.  Worse than ever for no apparent reason.  But what has me even more ticked is the computer crash.  Complete and absolute with no chance of being healed.  Unfortunately, I was almost done with all the new labels after many hours of work over several days, and it failed before the backup.  I lost all recent photos, all emails, the new labels, and the next four pear designs.  Charted, not printed, and not stitched.  
This was to be January's and it's all I have left.  If I can recall the Christmas Pear and stitch it in time, I would rather offer that one first.  A tech is coming this evening to attempt file recovery but the HDD is gone for good so it may not be possible. 

We're still doing chores that are interfering with my bench and floss box being built.  One that was not planned and I thought would not take long, was removing the 5 outdoor lights which had faded to a light gray, and repainting.  Wrong.  Took much longer than I expected, but now they show up nicely instead of blending in.  And of course, I'm tired of them and would like something else, but these puppies were costly.  That's why I prefer to buy cheap.  For as often as I change my mind or tire of items, it allows me to give things away instead of holding on because of the loss.
I'm on the Windows 7 and really can't get used to it.  The display is either huge or tiny, the colors are masked by the stupid filter, and my printer will still not work even though the correct driver is installed.  The preview of my post is tiny and I can't get the Papyrus font to show.  Why?  Because it's not installed!  I have to go to those wonderful free font sites and download all my favorites that Mr. 7 doesn't include.  And everything has a pink cast!  I don't understand why I can't open a window from the top tab, why all of a sudden the entire page changes size, and so many other bugs.  Hitting the backspace key wiped out the whole post.  I really dislike it.   I am woman, hear me whine.  I wanted a Galaxy Note or Tab in the 10" but it looks like the $$$ will be going for this crash and attempt at file recovery. 
You know, for a woman that constantly changes, you would think that the program changes would be welcomed. If I had my way, I'd still be using XP!!!  This tech will be sorry he came to my door because I'm asking him to change everything that bugs me. 
So that's all I have and I'm sorry about losing my mail.  If you had requested a box or I was planning to email you with updates, I may ask you to do so again if he can't recover my files.  Ditto with any questions that I haven't answered.   We'll know tonight! 
Thanks for visiting, stay safe, talk to you soon.  And uh.....say a prayer for the tech.
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