Nov 11, 2012

Sudberry tray, a table, trees, and frogs

Hello all you wonderful people taking the time to visit with me.  Hope all is well.  My computer died yesterday, blue screen and all, then resurrected with a crazy beeping sound.  Maybe this is why I'm having problems printing.  Still unable to comment the majority of the time, but I think the new router is the culprit since it's claiming I'm offline even though I'm not. I have to make sure all my labels are saved so I'm thankful it's back on.  If you are interested in the Sudberry tray I showed a while back, click on the "for sale" page under the header.  Sorry-sold.
Since Mark is on vacation, we've been working on Fall chores (window washing, spouting clean-up, leaf blowing, grass cutting, furniture storage, yadda yadda) and I'm only stitching in the evening, between Bio-Freeze and heat wraps.  Here's where I am after removing the right side of the wreath's vines TWICE.  Now I can finally move on and get this finished.  

This is the new table I purchased with the wood bowl the other day.  It's had most of the paint scraped from it and I'm glad now that I finally brought it home after three days of indecision.

We had such beautiful weather for two days so I took advantage of the warmth and sprayed Dawn on the grapevine tree and hosed it off.  It's a much darker brown now without all that dust!  I should have made a smaller one.  I originally made this for the front deck, but never did put it out. 

While I was putting pots and tubs away into the garage storage, I decided to bring down a few trees.  I'm giving the others away and only using the small ones.  I decided on these seven.  Yes, seven.  Keep in mind, some are left as is, no lights, no ornaments. and all are small.  I'll be sticking them into baskets and crocks soon.  Mark was golfing and when I was taking the largest one down the steps, I went down two instead of one and got both shins.  Yikes.  Missed the incision by an inch.  I don't know why I'm concerned about the blue bumps from the varicose veins because they always blend nicely with the bruises. 
Our day started with Gas House Eggs.  We toast the bread first, then cut the hole, and spread with melted butter mixed with lots of Worcestershire sauce.  Sprinkled it on the eggs, too.  Our day would have ended with chocolate bars dipped in peanut butter sprinkled with crushed pretzels if a piggy hadn't chowed down all the Halloween candy.

Haircut again tomorrow and hopefully label printing.  I need to devote several days to printing and painting and since it's turning cold and rainy, that may be very soon. 
Have a great start to your week, thank you for visiting, and stay safe!

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