Jan 6, 2013

Box progress

Good day!  Two things to show in another quick post. 

First off, Mary Jo was kind enough to email a photo of her Sophia Waters.  After seeing hers, I realized I was mistaken in thinking that a darker linen background would be more primitive.  Her lighter linen shows off the details perfectly, and I was wrong about framing too!  This rustic textured choice works well so I have an option if I change my mind.

Now for the floss box that turned into a chest.  Because of its 24" x 14" size, I thought it may look like a piece of luggage without a little design element, so I added legs. 
This is the inside and I can get all my floss bags in with a little room to spare.
The hinges and lid support will be put on last, after I choose the paint color and the base color that will show through here and there after sanding.  Painting it black, crackled, and lightly stenciled with colonial motifs was a plan, until I remembered that I just finished ridding the cupboard of my paints!  It may still be a black crackle. 

This gorgeous cardboard box is the system I've used for many years.  I found a very heavy and large box, cut it to a 4" height, and used the removed pieces to make dividers which I glued and taped .  It has served me well and slid into the bottom of my hutch, but my neck problems made it difficult to continue bending and peering into the bottom shelf.

Mark will be finishing the lid today and I should be painting tomorrow.  It's big!  It will sit on top of the small 4 drawer chest where the linen is kept.  My spool cabinet is not large enough to hold it.  No sense making the floss storage to fit a piece of furniture and not be large enough for its intended purpose.
That's it folks!
Enjoy your Sunday, stay safe, thank you for visiting.
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