Jan 22, 2013

Flossy's box

Greetings!  This will be short.  My wrist acts up and my husband needs to yank it to stop the pain and allow movement.  That's not working tonight and typing isn't easy.  But I wanted to show my box and my next project.
My mom called me Flossy, not to be confused with Floosie, when I was young.  So I present to you, Flossy's box!
I attached elastic to the lid for holding my DMC color guides and a few incidentals.  We added a lid support to hold it open which is definitely needed.

A close-up of the paint finish.
   I just received the last of my R&R (Dyeing to Stitch) order today from Homespun Samplar, and I was thrilled.  Why?  Because instead of going through all those charts to choose the next project, the US postal service decided for me. 

Mary Moseley it is. Another sweet and simple marking sampler.
And finally - Blogger fixed the glitch and I can upload photos in compose mode.  Thank you Blogger.  It's about time.

Miss Faye stitched my Sandy Hook Remembrance chart and I will show you her wonderful finish soon.
To those I need to email, please allow a few more days until typing is easier. Until then, stay warm, stay safe.
Welcome to new followers and thank you to everyone for visiting. 
I truly appreciate and value your support and friendship.
  Thank you.

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