Jan 25, 2013

Jobelan anyone?

Hi folks.   I want to throw my newly rebuilt laptop out the window into near zero temps.  The screen and half the keyboard are constantly freezing, so if that's what it wants, that's what it will get.  Literally frozen.  But before I do that, I'm pitching items I will never use.  These are the pieces needing a stitcher.
The Antique White is marked 32 and two others appear to be the same.
 32 count 18 x 28 piece Antique White
32 count 13 x 18 piece ivory/cream
32 count 18 x 28 piece of a color close to DMC 840 or 611
30 count 13 x 18 light gray/taupe Murano
Fairly sure these next two are 28.
28 count 13 x 18 piece Sage
28 count  9 x 27 Sage    
(The two sage are different dye lots)

If you are interested in this fabric pack, please leave a message on this post.  I'm assuming there will be more than one request so I will randomly choose a name Sunday evening at 8 pm EST.  If there's only one - good for you!  You can tell that they are from many years ago.  The price is still on the ant. white of $7.75 for 1/4 yard.  I think it's more than double now, but of course there's always Ebay.  This happens every time I start searching through the linens and that's fine - no sense keeping what I won't need.  I had a yard of Lugana and another yard of Jobelan and can't find either.  But I may have given them away and just can't remember.  There are about ten pieces of linen I plan to dye today, just because I don't like their current color.  I thought I was finished with dyeing and I should have learned my lesson by now.  But I have specific charts chosen for these so I'm giving myself a pass. 

Most of yesterday was taken up with errands and another trip for the final injections on the right leg.  But the rest was spent searching for the February pear.  I wanted to construct the finish and I tore the house apart, couldn't find it. 

Late last night it finally appeared, atop the cupboard that holds the seven different bags of cat food for three finicky cats. 
I have a very bad habit of setting things down when I'm distracted. I should wear a waist apron so I can stuff instead of set. I like this one from Home Depot.  Seriously.

Faye from Carolina Stitcher (http://carolinastitcher.blogspot.com/) stitched my Remembrance chart and will show her finishing soon.  I still can't list a link regardless of what I try. 

Between having to hit certain keys a dozen times and the backspace not working, I'm shutting this down for today before it really does fly out the window.
So leave your name if you'd like the Jobelan, stay warm, thank you for visiting!
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