Jan 27, 2013

Winner and loser

Good evening everyone.  I am announcing the winner of my fabric, posting the pear, and calling it quits for several days. I am the loser because I am on the rotten Windows 7 laptop and is the most annoying and messy operating system I've ever used.   You guessed it - my newly rebuilt Vista died again.  Lost it all.  My photos and files that I worked on recently were not backed up because I never thought a sudden crash would occur right after an expensive rebuild.  So it took me a little longer because I had to start over with Random to enter everyone again.  PARSLEY!  You are the winner.  I  found another piece of linen that is soft and I don't care for so it will also be in your package.  Please email with your address Parsley and I will mail right away.  Thank you to all for participating.  I was so surprised at the number of entries! 
 So before I throw this one out the window, I will show you my second start on Mary Moseley.  I changed the linen to a darker shade for the lighter floss and have only changed one color from the original. 
And here is the February pear.  Hope you like it.   I will list it on the Pears page once I get around to a new computer.  Good grief.  If 7 is this bad, 8 must be worse.   I can't stand even posting because nothing works the same.  I'm showing this early because chances are, I won't be back until the week's end.  If you stitch this on a lighter linen, use a darker blue for the bird.

I had to rechart the pear and do the colors from memory, so if anyone finds an error, please let me know.
Until then, stay safe, keep stitching, thank you for visiting!
Hope to be back soon.
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