Aug 14, 2013

Bad photos - good choices

Hiya.  How's your week going?  Are you needing a jacket in the middle of August?  The way this month has been progressing it may snow in September.  I know, I know.  Many most of you like frost on your pumpkins. 
I've been working on tags and only came up with four new house labels.  It seems the sampler or alphabet tags aren't as popular so I didn't work on any, but still may because those are my preference.  And I'm in control.
PS's Old World Santas were to be the next project but I can't find them.  I really got some things in order the other day but the Christmas charts are ?????  So I went through the samplers and decided on several, then started weeding out fancy borders, over one stitching, and motifs.   Simple and quick seems the best choice with all the house disorder.  The sanding companies are coming today for estimates and they both claim to be dust-free.  Although the photos are bad, I like the choices. 
R&R's very primitive and quite different piece.  The colors I choose will be more prominent.
R&R's Lydia Tyler.  Beautiful colors.
R&R's Mary Ann Bradbury.  Small yet several different stitch styles.  Calls for flower thread but I will use DMC.
Hoping to finish the tags today and will start stitching this evening. 
Look who snuck onto the deck for a snack.  Bud was sound asleep 10 feet away.  And this is something you don't see very often.  A groundhog lounging on your fence.

While working outside, some sort of flying critter flew into my hair (which many mistake for shelter), so I had to brush it.  With my hair, not a good idea.  It's best to leave it alone.   Never did find the bug. 
 I went for a haircut the next day and the only change is that it's a shorter bush now.  She didn't find the bug either so it must have suffocated or found its way out.  Now my hair goes out to a point and comes back in so I have a bevel head.  It feels weird.
And look at my second bean string.  Love the color!
 The sander will be here in a few minutes so I better start watching for him.
Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your day.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your hair!! You don't look old enough for menopause - nope not at all!!

Lida said...

After a very difficult day yesterday (moving my Mother (94) to a house for the Elderly), today I sat in the Sun with my DD and made some stitches to pear II of your design! It will be a good keepsake of this special day!


cucki said...

me love your hair too..
happy day hugs x

jan said...

You're hysterical! I identify with so much of what you say, such as "I'm 60/61/62..." Love your meno-jokes, as they are so true - been there, done that. Now your hair, that's a different matter. Mine is fine and straight, but like yours, it does whatever it wants!

thanks so much for the humor. Your posts usually make my day!

... jan

P.S.: I also love your pears, so thanks for those too!

Primitive Stars said...

You kill me, and yes, I love frost on my pumpkin,:)......your hairs looks great, love the cut.....Blessings Francine.

Shirlee said...

Love the hair & amazing the groundhog coming so close! To the house, not to your hair : )

Vickie said...

I think your haircut looks great Marly. Who is bigger, the groundhog or Bud?

Angie said...

No matter what kind of day I'm having, it's such a joy to visit! Even on the darkest days, you crack me up! Love the hair!

Penny said...

You and I have several things in common.... menobrain probably being the biggest, but also stitching, decorating, etc. But now I see we have the same hair!! Only mine is blonde.
Love the samplers you chose to work on.... I will have to keep those in mind when I finish up the tons of patterns I have waiting for me here.
Silly groundhog....I've only had to fight with one who lived under my shed and ate my plants.... never did I see him on my fence!!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Marly, I LUV your blog. It is so funny and you remind me of the character Wilson on Tim Allen's Show, 'Home Improvements'. Your pictures are always just a tease so we never fully see your face. As far as your hair goes, lucky you as it does have lots of body.
Thanks for once again for your humor & wit...
Have a Blessed day, Barb

Melissa said...

Marly, it's nice to see that photo of you. That's happened to me too where a bug flies into my hair (thick and wavy) and I worry about where it is!

I like the samplers you have chosen - simple is sometimes what we need!

Bertie said...

Are you sure about your age!!! You look so young, fabulous what I can see, and great hair too.
Love all those old samplers.
I do like the groundhog, never seen one here in the UK, we do get badgers and some cows got in tonight.
Have a good week:))

Margaret said...

I think your hair looks great! And I agree with others -- you look so young..... Yikes on the bug though. So bizarre that the ground hog sat on your porch. Wow! I guess he must have heard from the deer how friendly you are. :D Great choice of samplers for the next project.

Krista said...

Lots of great new sampler choices picked out! Looking forward to seeing which one you choose. What a sweet ground hog that came to visit! Your hair looks great. I hope you are right.. would love it to snow in September!

Peggy Lee said...

I like all those sampler charts. I agree with your thread color change idea on the first one.
Is your hair naturally curly like that? I'd love to have a little of that myself.
I also think you don't look old enough to be going through menopause!

Melody said...

Your hair looks great! Wish I had more volume and curls.

That is close for a groundhog. I've never seen one up close. I'm sure our cats would sleep through any visitor like him as well.

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