May 19, 2014

The sun is shining

Greetings stitching pals!  Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers.  Chris is doing very well and has amazed the docs.  They never saw a case as bad and ketones as high with recovery as quick.  His condition is always a challenge because of a tendency to drop below 40 in a short period of time.  But he started close to 600 and they had him down to 150 within 36 hours, and the acids were leaving his system.  The faulty pump will be replaced and it was the cause.  This also showed us how things happen for a reason.  He was supposed to be on a three day golf weekend about two hours from here with my husband and 18 others, but a mixup changed that, much to his disappointment.  With the pump failing, it would have happened out there, a long way from a hospital and with doctors unfamiliar with his erratic tendencies.  
Worrying is almost as exhausting as exercise!  I've been really tired and didn't accomplish anything I had planned.  Usually when Mark is gone for a few days, I rip a wall done, remove carpeting, tear out shrubs, anything that would be frowned upon were he here.  Zippo.  But that's OK.  I worked on the sampler and came up with another error.  I'm nothing if not consistent.
See the gray wiggly beneath the floral vine? Because I added the missing stitch in the left side border, it was moved down and the start of the wiggly would have been touching it.  So I moved the gray band one stitch to the right yet it ended up in the correct spot instead of one over.  So where did I miss a stitch?  Smack dab perfect in the middle of the wiggly.  Will I remove the row?  Hell no.  Because it is direct center, I'm leaving it.  I changed the numbers to the purplish 3860 and did both crowns in the gold wool. 
 For this bottom area of over one, I charted "her sampler 1796" over two and it fits nicely.  An area this small I wouldn't mind doing over one, but with all the errors I've made, why take a chance?
And a note about comments.  You're right.  If you switch to Google+ your settings are changed and the only way to go back to allowing people to reply is here.  I also see that some comments are NOT being emailed to the blog owner.  Others are going into spam.  It seems they made changes for privacy without allowing you to choose your own level.   When I click on a Bloglovin or Google+ member, I can't get to their posts (if they have a blog), comment, or email.  I see nothing but a profile.  Frustrating.  I haven't upgraded to + and won't, don't have a phone that is smarter than I am, can't do Instagram because of that, and am amazed at the technology of today.  Too bad it comes with tracking every move your fingers make! 
I need to get my boots on and venture into the yard to fill feeders and offer another corn cob to my squirrely friends.  The rain has stopped until Tuesday so I may find another use for the wood.
 Enjoy your day!
 Thanks for visiting.

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