May 17, 2014

When it rains, it pours

Yes indeedy!  Hope your weekend started better than mine.  First it was a call from my sister that her chest was pounding and she was out of breath - yep - back in Afib.  Then I get a call from her Type 1 son at work shortly afterward that he was being transported by ambulance.  To make a long story short, his insulin pump's delivery tube wasn't delivering and within hours he was at 600.  Not one to leave work or miss work - even if he has to crawl - he stayed.  Things progressed from there and after hours in the hospital he is still at 550 and in ketoacidosis.  He'll be in ICU for at least 4 days and hopefully they can get the acid down before more damage is done, but it has to be very slowly, which means his glucose will also stay very high.  Vomiting, shakes, dehydration, cramps, delirium.  Hopefully, he will be fine and they are running a multitude of tests because they don't feel the blocked tube could have caused it to be this bad, this quick.  We're trying to think positive and believing it could have.  My sister going back into Afib would have probably happened anyway after this incident.  When I came out the of the hospital I got dumped on by buckets of rain.  This has been all week!  I have a hammer.  I have some wood.  I have a few animals.  I'm building an ark.
The other thing I didn't mention was that the day before her cardioversion, she was in an accident.  In the driving rain on a 5 lane road, neither of them saw the other wanting to turn out on to the highway.  Unharmed, but book value on a 1995 car is zilch, so it won't be repaired even though it ran well and was in good condition. Which means I will probably be getting Formica for the countertop.  Maybe that's best since I hammer, chop, slice, drill, and paint on them. She will need either my or my husband's car, and we will have to get another.  I wonder if I can put wheels on the ark?
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