Jun 27, 2014


Hiya.  Here's how I finished Fancy.
Press the piece including the bottom hem to be turned in.  Cut Mylar to the shape 1/2" smaller.

Insert Mylar and add quilt batting on each side.
Fold the pressed hem over the filling.

Glue shut.
Done - and ready to be packed for shipping to Anonymous Darlene.  Please email me with your address Darlene.  Thanks to all that participated and to everyone that opened heart and home to rescues.  For those of you that donate and volunteer, may your generosity come back to you. 
Squeak will not eat again tonight but wants to.  I actually scratched his head before he bolted.  I was told to try pure pumpkin as a food and unfortunately he turned away. But I'll be eating pumpkin pie for a while!
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting.


Jeannine520 said...

You might want to try Gerber stage one Turkey. It's what our vet says to offer reluctant/ill cats who are having a hard time eating. Most cats can't resist it, even the most finicky. I sure hope his health turns around.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear that your kitty won't eat...My vet always said tuna and it worked..But, if he is refusing any sort it might be a problem in his mouth, like a bad tooth...Hope things work out with his health.....

Vickie said...

Congrats to your winner.:)
Oh that Squeak. I am impressed you got to scratch his head.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly
I am the winner of Miss Fancy
Thank you so much. I am
trying to get your email and when
I do I'll send the info
Thanks again
Darlene North

Mugwump Woolies said...

Annie and I are pulling for Squeak!

diamondc said...

WE had a cat who would not eat somehow he found the peas on my plate very tasty.
Congratulations to the winner.
Very sweet cat finish.


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