Jun 29, 2014

Wee Santa 2005

Good day all.  Just finished the Wee Santa and it was a really fun stitch. 
I changed his belt and hat, left off the border.  I usually don't stitch outlines on ornaments and don't know if it's laziness or aesthetics.  Here's lazy for you - I decided the belt needed holes and I had already stitched it solid.  I just went over the existing green stitch with brown thread.  It's fine.  Can't tell at all.  Well..... I just did.
Not sure of his finish - kind of liking the idea of fringed edges on the wool bag to fill with greens.  Or just backed with fabric.
When I lost my computer, I also lost the link to these knobs.  I found the source in only one place and new searches have failed.  Anyone know where to purchase? 
I tried the suggestion of turkey or chicken baby food for Squeak and he is eating it.  Still can only eat so much and then stops.  The other three were sleeping and as soon as I put the dish down, the aroma made them all converge on Squeak's dish.  Didn't expect that!  I picked up Bud to put him in the house and he tore up my right hand, one is between the fingers.  Still haven't patched the hole Missy put in my other shirt, and now I have one more to do.
Have a wonderful week that is ending a summer month.  If only winter went as fast.
Thanks for visiting!

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