Aug 25, 2014


It's 8:30 pm and I just came home.  She was brought into the ER and laid there for hours with no treatment.  Everything she went through was for naught.  Back in Afib and the erratic rhythm.  No cardiologist came, none in the hospital, nurses called off work, one wimp doctor who is afraid to talk, no info, no help, no meds, no food, no water, no room available.  I helped her to the restroom and they never came back in to hook her heart to the monitors again.  I tried but didn't have the code to turn it on.  Sixteen people have been waiting over 5 hours to be seen and fourteen patients need admitted and are waiting for a room.  I was asked to leave and I hope they get her into a room where she can be watched and treated soon.  I won't be sleeping again tonight, hoping the phone doesn't ring.  I had a bad feeling from the very beginning and didn't want to admit that I still do.
Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.
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