Aug 20, 2014

I have to tell someone!

Hey.  How you doing?  My sister is still being monitored, the medication did not stop the fib, and she will proceed with another shock tomorrow.  I have tried to talk her out of it but she listens to her doctor.  How many shocks can a 76 year old heart take? 
In my garage sit the two cabinets Dominic delivered yesterday and I just had to show someone. You.  The base cabinet will be great for my cookware, but the top pullout for utensils is very hard to grab.  You can see that the cutout is way up there and hard to reach.  We will have to take it out and cut that opening much lower so I don't keep smacking my knuckles.  One bag of Dove - gone.
This fridge cabinet, the drawings that we went over and over, will need to be cut.  That's right.  Cut.  He never took into account that after tilting to get it through the door, we won't be able to stand it because the angle of raising it will hit the ceiling. I never thought of it, Mark never saw the drawing, and Dominic (a cabinetmaker) never though of it.  So to clear the ceiling when setting it upright, we need to either cut 4" off the bottom and patch it once upright or cut off the entire top cabinet section and patch it with trim.  I can tell just by looking at things when they are off and I knew the two door openings were not the same.  I was right.  The left side is almost a half inch wider than the right door opening.  It is full of sawdust and very rough requiring a lot of sanding.  I can't tell you how badly I need a bonfire.  We had torrential all night rain again with terrible thunder.  Sopping wet out there, which would put out a fire quickly.  I guess that's a good thing.  Two bags of Dove - gone.
 Sorry I'm whining again.  But I've been disappointed so much, if I don't, I may explode.   As they say, don't sweat the small stuff.  Get it out, get over it.  Thank you for allowing me to do that.  Innocent people in our world are suffering terribly and when we get upset over trivial nuisances we need to step back, take a breath, open another bag, and exhale with gratitude. 
I think it's time to get out our saws and safety glasses.  I'm dressed for the challenge.
Have a great day!

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