Aug 19, 2014

The good stuff

Hiya.  Just wanted to say that I took your advice and bought the good chocolate.  I really had no choice because I ate the entire box of rock hard baking chocolate, and Walgreens has Dove on sale.  Can't pass up a sale.  So I thank you for encouraging me, even though I'm trying to lose weight, because today I'm making these.
Jalapeno peppers stuffed with a link of cooked breakfast sausage.  Really good.  And this year's crop - REALLY hot.  One pepper was too small and no matter how I smashed that link, it was hanging out too far.  So I broke off the end (it was already in the pepper) and popped it in my mouth. Olive oil on bread takes too long when flames are shooting from your non existent dried up lips. Only have gray fat-free milk. No yogurt opened either.  But my usual go-to heat reducer was back in the house!  Dark chocolate works wonders and is quicker than any other remedy.  Ahhh.  And just to make sure the heat stays away, I had three more.  The peppers  usually aren't as hot once baked.  We'll see.
One other strange thing.  I keep feeling something bouncing on my head.  I rarely brush my hair (it does no good other than make it bushier) and when I looked in the mirror to see if a creature had latched on, I found the culprit.  There is one goofy bunch of hair that belongs in the back and is now growing toward my face. 
So I wet it and put it where it should be...look's creeping back.....ready to fall...boom.
It comes forward with a little loop and falls down into my bangs.  It bounces.  So not only do I have errant eyebrow hairs pointing northeast, my hair is now creating it's own direction.  I tried everything, nothing kept it back.  It's like a slinky flipping forward.  I may cut the clump close to my scalp.  No one will ever know.
Back at week's end with a sis report.
Take care!!
Thanks for visiting.
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