Aug 17, 2014

New charts

Hello all.  The weeks are flying by.  I hope August has been good to you so far.  It will be over soon and now I will start counting the months until next summer.  Maybe next year we will actually have it.
It will be a busy week with appointments and sis's hospital stay.  She needs to be in because the medication for the Afib can also create an unwanted and dangerous rhythm.  She already has irregularities and with her valve problem, I think this isn't as casual as they make you believe.  Since the three shocks, it is pounding quite hard and she is going to talk to them to see if she should wait a week before proceeding to another.  So I probably won't be back until the end of the week.
These are my newest charts.  Sarah Harvey, Scarlet Letter.  Mary Edmondson, Pineberry Lane.  She looks to be a fun stitch, quick, and colorful.
The other three are all Threads of Gold.
Sarah Jacklin Goulsby
Elzabeth Roberts I
Eliz Laidman which I showed you before.
As for Miss Pomeroy, I have been one thread off in each dividing band and one thread off in the main border.  Maybe it's because of the 32 count instead of my usual 30.  Not much of a difference between the two, just one stitch per inch, but I think it may be the reason for my errors.  The only reason she hasn't been set to flame is the rain.  Yes, more rain.  The sun is starting to peek through now so we'll see how she behaves.  The last two times I burned something in my sink, the smoke detector went off so I am banished to outdoor fires on nice days.  I'll be getting my soapstone sink soon and will need to ask if it's OK to use as a burning vessel for smaller projects.
Thank you for all the good wishes about my knees.  There is improvement.  And about Sears.  The manager in his position as a representative of Sears, never called, would not return my call, and would not speak to me in person.  What a great company!  Through a call to the customer service line, I was told that he said I fell before in those shoes so it was my fault for wearing them.  Really?  The fall I had earlier was in the woods while wearing a pair of rubber boots.  My insurance called about the accident and they will cover it so I don't need to worry about that or have any dealings with this store.  I will never again buy anything from Sears simply because of the lack of manners and respect for customers that this clod showed.  He could have easily called to say they would not cover my medical expenses but hopes I am feeling better and Sears has made a mistake by having him as a representative of their company.
If I wanted to sue anyone, I could have easily done so when I was told I needed a hysterectomy because my biopsy showed cancer.  During the surgery, she went too deep and low, slicing through my bladder.  Another surgeon needed to be called in for repair and I wore a catheter for 4 weeks.  I was taking care of my bedridden mom at the time, needed to hire more people since I was not allowed to pull her up or position her for weeks.  The topper - pathology couldn't find any cancer cells.  Whoops.  We must have got your labs mixed up with someone else.  Everyone makes mistakes and my doctor came in and apologized profusely for the unnecessary major surgery and the additional bladder surgery.  My mom would not hear of a lawsuit when they allowed my dad to suffocate (he was claustrophobic) because they failed to diagnose a pulmonary embolism after a bad fall with chest injury.  My dental hygienist for ten years kept telling me "everything looks good" at my faithful six month cleanings. A visit to a new dentist led to perio surgery and two tooth extractions that couldn't be saved because of deep pockets and they were loose!  They both need replaced and can only be done with implants at $3500 each.  Yep, $3500 each.  Clearly, this was her negligence and failure to perform her licensed duties, not an accident.  I did talk to two attorneys about that, but they said if I'm only suing for the replacement cost and not a large amount, they don't want to be bothered and their fee would wipe out any gain of the smaller amount.  They told me to write a letter.  ?????  Small claims court said they would throw out anything related to medical.  No help and too late.  So I guess I have a lot of boxes and stitchery and goodies to make and sell but I doubt if I will come close to that amount!
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

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