Aug 16, 2014


August is half gone.  It's a beautiful sunny day.....for October.  I have the sweatshirt and heaters on and my aunt's furnace is running again.  Unbelievable.
The breakfast boys are making a mess as usual, with some after meal necking.
The remaining two cabinets were to be done yesterday, no call.  I hope this doesn't mean there were more problems.  My fridge is not large, and the new models stick out far beyond the counter, or they are counter depth with french doors, unless you get built ins for much more money.  I tested them in the store and don't care for that style.  First of all, if you are considering such and have cabinets around the fridge, the doors open proud of the cabinet.  That means, past the cabinet sides, so you need to have at least 2" on each side of the fridge to allow for the open door.  Mine is single door that is close to counter depth but 8 years old.  That's the expected life span of today's appliances.  Why?  Decades ago we didn't have the technology and mom's fridge lasted 40 years!  I had the cabinet made to fit it exactly and if it fails, I will buy a new compressor for it instead of another fridge.  The doors won't be covered with wood as I wanted. 
Do you make coffee using the pourover method?  I use my small Mr. Coffee pot with a regular size filter and it works the same.   Mine has the little hickeydo on the bottom than doesn't release the coffee from the brewing basket until depressed so I can brew it for a few minutes.  They say it isn't necessary, but I do what I want. There are many pourover coffee makers in all sizes and I like the Clever immersion brewer with it's coaster and lid, but also like Bonavita models with valves.  Melitta makes a porcelain one with a matching carafe but it has no valve. I can't decide which to order. When I need a full pot for guests, I pull out the large electric pot and fill thermal carafes but I do my best to avoid company.  The temperature of the water makes the difference and I use a Pyrex measure cup in the microwave for heating.  For good joe you need near boiling water and most machines are around 180 degrees, not enough.  Plus I don't want a monster sitting on my limited counter space.  So this option is great for me, and without the sludge I always got from my french press.  My cup is large so I will order the 12 -16 ounce model, and I definitely want a shut off valve.  So here I sit with my coffee deciding what today's plan will be.  I have a sneaky suspicion it will be something like this...
Enjoy your weekend!!
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