Sep 29, 2014

Dance like no one's looking...

unless you asked a tree service to come for an estimate.  And the trees are right outside the windows you are contorting in.  Then don't.  I've been hearing Jackson's Beat It on the radio (yes I still use a radio in my car) for several days and decided to play his video and jump around like a rock star when I got home.  We've all seen this and the image came rushing back to me.  So if you want to dance like no one's looking, make sure they aren't.

Here's my slow but steady progress on Eliza.  She should have been finished by now but deciding on which color to use while making other small changes created too much time wasted on decisions.  I love her. 
And my little boy Nitzy came in after a hard day of hunting in the woods for a nap.  He is the filthiest cat we have ever seen.   Squeak is eating but still very very thin.

And about those @#*% cabinets.  We finally got the back brackets to install the new deep pull out drawers into our existing base cabinets.  Dominic made them....too tight.  They are too tight by a hair!  So I have to take them back and have him rabbet the sides for the glides to fit into, or cut off the sides and make them narrower.  Rabbeting 1/2" plywood would not have a nice edge and the screws holding the glides would then be too long.  I don't know.  I have to call him, maybe just make all new ones.  He made the cabinet for these and they are fine but that circled glide wasn't figured in with the measurements for the existing cabinets.  Do you remember TV's Murphy Brown?  Loved that show.  I wish Halllmark or TV Land would pick it up.  She hired Eldin the painter who became a permanent fixture in her home because her projects never seemed to be completed.  Dominic is my Eldin, but he doesn't live here.  Eldin (Robert Pastorelli) died at 49 from heroin.
Cutting the grass today and playing taxi again tomorrow for Carole's mammo and breast surgeon visit.  I broke down like I always do and bought a few mums and pumpkins, even though I hate fall.  It's not that it isn't a beautiful season, it's the precursor to my most hated season.
Have a good week!!
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Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear about the cabinets. I'm sure I'd be beyond frustrated, if you know what I mean (and I'm sure you do). Eliza looks fantastic!

I feel just like you about fall. Yes it's has beautiful color and all, but to me, it's just the prelude to something I hate.

Good luck with your sister's appointments. As always, you're both in my thoughts and prayers.

Vickie said...

Love Eliza. I have been hearing Michael Jackson in my head for a week and don't know why?!?
I cannot find pansies I like. Anywhere.

Robin said...

Eliza is looking good and I really love that house color. I agree with you about Murphy Brown. Good luck in getting your cabinets fixed! And good luck to your sister tomorrow.

Robin in Virginia

brenda said...

I love Eliza,too!

Barb said...

Eliza is so pretty! Those cabinets have been a hassle for you! Any kind of remodeling can be such a pain till it's finished.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love Eliza. Terry

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, I do LOVE Eliza!
I feel the same way about fall that you do. I'd love it if spring followed.
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

I love the colors on your stitching! You have a good eye for color. I envy people who can do that. Ugh on the cabinets. Sigh. Good luck with the ferrying around tomorrow.

Truus said...

Is this a song-Dance like nobody's...??? I used this for a calligraphy-cart-love it!
Good luck with the appointments to morrow with your sister.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Carol said...

I'm just dreading winter, too, Marly, but at least this fabulous September weather has been so long-lasting for us. I still listen to the radio in cars, too, except on trips to my mom's when I listen to talking books--they help me stay awake :)

Eliza is looking fabulous--love that blue house!

Vera said...

Loving Eliza - fabulous colors Marly! Hope your running around today goes well...for all involved.

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