Sep 30, 2014


Hello people.  For the first time in 20 years I subscribed to Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.  I know the majority of stitchers receive this publication but I stopped mine after the first few years when my stitching shop closed and I put down the needles. Where are those first issues?  Gone, just like my Scarlet Letter, Essamplaire, and Examplarery charts from back then.  Yesterday my first issue was in the mailbox and I am surprised to see how thin the publication is compared to what I remember.  Maybe there's not much difference and I'm mistaken.  An added feature - digital back issues I can download.  Several years worth!  There are projects that I am not interested in but I found simpler reproductions that I would love to stitch.  What a great bonus!
I saw the Fall issue's Frances Swartz reproduction and that prompted my order, but I also wanted the Ellennor Whitehouse sampler from Fall 2013 and now I have that too.
Plus these from other past issues.

Jackpot!  Very nice to include these back issues for download to new subscribers.  I assumed that most of their projects were more detailed and elegant, but found there is something for everyone.  Thank you SANQ. 
I'm hoping to snag a few projects from Ebay and one is already over $20 with 5 days to go.  Mary Monier.  I've missed bidding opportunities or been outbid several times and I'm about to give up on her.  I remember having this chart years ago and don't know why it's gone.

The tree people that saw me contorting all by myself have not yet entered their estimate.
Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like it’s heaven on earth.
It's a good thing I wasn't singing too.  When I do that, large predators run toward what they think is an animal in distress, and birds take flight thinking they heard the screech of a hawk.

Carole's exam was fine and the mammogram was benign.  Her diagnosis was Stage 0 a few years ago, long before it would have formed even the tiniest lump. The area was removed and radiation followed.  Early detection and treatment is important - please have an annual mammogram.  Color with pink highlighter the first day of every month on a small calendar as a monthly self exam reminder and keep it in your bed/bath room.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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Sue, too said...

They are going to be releasing the remaining early issues of SANQ in the next few weeks. The 'thickness' of the current issues has had more than a few people concerned of the longevity of the magazine. I think some of it is that they're running out of people to feature or people to write the nice long articles we were used to.

Barb said...

Glad the check-up went well. It's good to know about the magazine. I have thought about subscribing to it.

Margaret said...

I love SANQ but their subscription department is lousy. Been having issues getting my issues. lol! Glad to hear Carole's mammo was fine. Early detection indeed!

~mj~ said...

SANQ was recently (well, recent to me, maybe last year?) bought along with Just CrossStitch by Annies publications. To say I was ticked off is an understatement. The quality of the paper is now horrendous and tears easily. There are crappy ads and envelopes advertising god knows what all GLUED into the mag so if you remove them, you destroy a page. Just CrossStitch had similar problems and I was so hacked off I cancelled my subscription. I doubt that SANQ will survive the changes.I hope Phyllis Hoffman is having a lovely retirement after selling the magazines. It felt like being stabbed in the back.

Can you tell I`m a bit angry?

link to my blog with more on the subject:

Lida said...

I enjoyed reading your blog again and love the new patterns you have chosen, will look for how much it cost to get a subscription and get it send to Holland!

Krista said...

Some great choices from SANQ! I love the Lord's Prayer one as well. I just recently ordered the CD with the 2000 - 2010 issues so can't wait to see that. I did not realize with a new subscription it gave access. Glad to hear your sister's test went well. Have a wonderful day.

C. M. Designs said...

You sound happy Marly. I hope your magazine will bring you many happy hours of stitching.. Keep smiling, dancing and singing.
So happy for Carole and her good news..
Thinking about you !
Charlotte in Virginia

Truus said...

Good news from Carol her mammo! I check myself on regular base because having a sister with breastcancer(she is clear by now) and one sister who died of this illnes.
Love these samplers Marly.

cucki said...

It's looking a lovely mag and I love the sampler purse so much *•*
Big hugs and love xxx

Barbara said...

OMG - laughed out loud when I read about your singing -- dogs howl in a seven-mile radius when I sing -- very embarrassing!

Robin said...

Glad to hear your sister's mammogram went well! Enjoy your subscription to SANQ. I like several of the pieces you pictured.

Robin in Virginia

Penny said...

Beautiful samplers! I wish I was a fast stitcher... I have so many projects lined up that I really can't purchase any more, but would definitely choose some of the ones you show in your posts if I thought they'd ever get stitched!
Happy to hear Carole's good news!!

Vera said...

Hi Marly, I, too, think the quality/quantity of SANQ has diminished. I still subscribe and look through it, but it is not up to the original standards by a long shot. But, I think it's the only one of its kind out there, so what can we do? So glad news was good for Carole. Yes, early detection is key!!

Sue Robinson said...

Ironically I just cancelled my subscription to SANQ yesterday after taking it for about 10 years. I thought that it wasn't a patch on what it used to be and there's very rarely anything in it that I would want to stitch these days. It costs a lot in shipping to France, where I live, so it's been struck off!

Carol said...

Finally some good news for Carole :) So good to hear, Marly!

Glad you've found some projects that piqued your interest!

Solstitches said...

That is such good news about your sister.
Enjoy the magazines. It looks as though you have some lovely samplers lined up to stitch.

Anne said...

So happy for your sister that the mammogram was benign. Huge relief! All those samplers are amazing and are enticing me to purchase the dvd discs since I only have about 5 SANQ's and it would be worth it to have more :D

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