Apr 9, 2015

It's time

Greetings.  Been under the weather, not stitching, not doing much of anything.  Mark will take Carole to her appointments, even though it's been 6 weeks and she is allowed to drive but won't.  Nor will she attempt a short market trip that I tried to take her on.  She hasn't since August 2014 and something tells me that unless it's lunch with friends, she won't be.
I've been debating lately about stitching.  Most of you have gone through slumps but this isn't the same.  It's more about display. When we finally finish the house projects, I want an early but sparse look.  I'm not crazy about lots of wall items, and I am tiring of my wood bowls being obscured by smalls.  I like a stitched piece hanging from a cupboard door or knob but every one?  What am I going to do with all of it?
So I put away the three smalls I chose and pulled out a big girl.  Sally Fiske.  It's time I moved on to a larger piece.  And since I have yardage, I will use a 30 count unbleached.  The 18x27 pieces aren't big enough - she will be 22 x 21.  One large piece would appeal to me more than lots of smaller samplers.  This week anyway.  I want to start working with all the wools I bought and get boxes ready for sale to rid the closet of them.  I guess I'm just feeling out of sorts, unsettled, not really wanting to get involved in a project.  We still have the damn kitchen to finish too.
I did make some progress on the linens.  I have three drawers of unbleached/tans.  One in 28, 30, and 32.  The other drawer contains colors in clear pockets, mixed counts.  I think this will be the answer.  But what about these mystery pieces?  They're going in a box to be stored.  Do not have the ambition or the patience to figure them out.  I may give up stitching again before I would even need them.
  For a project this large, there won't be much progress to show except for a new row of alphabet, so I think I will only post once a week.  Unless I fall again or cut my hair in Walmart during a hot flash.  From the stats, it seems less and less are visiting blogs these days so once a week will be better.
Nitzy feels like I do.  Upside down and cover your eyes. 
  If anyone would like the tedious Sally Hunt chart, let me know.  It's yours.  Lots of over one and tent stitch, which I will never do.
Until then, take care, stay safe, and enjoy the stitch.
Thanks for visiting. 
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