Dec 6, 2015

The boys are out

Greetings!  How was your weekend?  I'm hoping that these coming winter months fly by as fast as October and November have.  Are you finishing or just starting decorating?  I brought everything down, have it all over the place, and am starting to put more than half of it back.  I'm glad I used the safety pin backs to hold the hangers on the stitched Santas because I think they may be in a bowl and not hung this year.  Do you like bowl displays?  I have mixed feelings because the majority of the stitchery is covered by another piece.  I don't know.  This Christmas I'm just not in a displaying mood.  Is it because it's too much work the older I get or because my style continues evolving to simple and sparse?  Then I browse Pinterest and PictureTrail and totally love the primitive homes that have a LOT on display yet it's simple!  It's a talent and not as easy to achieve as it appears.
Carole is going back to the doc Monday, not much better after starting four prescriptions, one of which I thought was kind of dangerous.  Never heard of the "pearls" before but they numb your lungs to prevent coughing.  I'm concerned that the vicious cough could move or loosen the pacemaker leads which she is completely dependant on.  Probably not, but we're going on two weeks of coughing so hard she chokes.  It's bronchitis and the bug that is traveling the valley which takes weeks to recover.  Her son Chris was there when I took food today and he is .... yep .....sick. 
Hope to make the sweet cheese pierogis and stuffed cabbage this week.  I don't think we have enough room in the freezer, the big fresh bird is still in there.  I knew we should have planned on spaghetti.
Have a great week! 
Thanks for visiting.
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