Apr 21, 2016

A bump on a pickle

That's what I feel like when it comes to stitching.  Just a bump.  Sitting there.  The dyed green linen is out.  I need to throw out that fabric that I hate working on.  It's ... thick.  The linen threads are too thick or something and I have a hard time seeing the over two pattern in the weave so I stopped.  I love the Sea Glass and hate to use my last piece but what am I saving it for?  When I can no longer get a favorite color, I tend to hoard more than usual, but that would mean I wouldn't get to enjoy it in a project. If not that, it will be my stand-by unbleached.  But I am not feeling it regardless of linen, colors, or design. 
I thought I should switch to wool applique since I bought quite a bit and haven't used it at all, but that's not snapping my socks either.  Do I need a complete break?  I think I will take two weeks off and not force myself, dwell on it, or feel guilty.  After that time, who knows?
I heard from Karin and was happy to see that everyone followed through with their orders for the caps.  She has some cute charms too.  Maybe I'll do some sewing and see how that works out.  Too bad I don't know how to alter clothing two sizes up.  Not a damn blouse or capris from last summer fit.  Not even close.
May 1 is a week from Saturday and the Liberty boxes will be on sale.  As usual, limited quantity.  I think I will shut down the computer until then too and just check emails. 
I must tell you about how distracted my mind has been.  I keep in touch with Patti's husband and he emailed to tell me he visited a friend for a couple of days at his beautiful home.  He wrote "on a hill with 16 acres, got to drive his '41 Ford.  Wow, 450 horses".  So I replied that I'm glad he had a nice visit and where is this home with 450 horses?  Was I embarrassed when he said the 450 horses were in the Ford's engine?  No.  It wasn't as bad as 40 years ago when my husband was out of work.  We took a long drive out of town into the country and I saw a sign at a large farm and recognized the company name.  The sign stated  - 23,000 happy employees.  "WOW!!! They probably hire often with that many workers - maybe you should apply here!"  Husband said he wasn't qualified.  "You're the smartest person I know and can do anything.  Why wouldn't you be qualified?"  He looked at me and said "because I can't lay eggs like the other 23,000 employees".  Sometimes you feel so silly you laugh hard enough to wet your pants.  And the older you get, it happens if you just smile too hard.
I hope the rest of April brings you warmth and blossoms.
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