Apr 19, 2016

Holy caps!

Didn't expect that many!  Here's the plan to handle this quantity. You visit her Etsy shop, contact her through the email link on her page to order your amount (Berry cap #SF61).  She will then purchase enough for your requests to make sure everyone gets what they want.  When they come in (about 2 weeks), she will contact you for shipment before listing them.  Any extras that are left, will then go on Etsy and those extras will be first come first served.  Please state what you definitely want since this will be a large amount for her to purchase without commitment.  It's very nice of her to make sure that everyone gets the number they would like. 
So.  This is her Etsy page.
If you aren't registered on Etsy, it is very easy and you don't have to use your full name, no credit card or financial info is needed.  They just want to make sure you log in when making a purchase to protect the sellers from scams.  This page will tell you how to register.

Right beneath the round photo at the top right is her name and the CONTACT link.  Click to email her with your order and make sure you state the number of sets of 4 for item SF61.  Remember, it will be around two weeks but you will get what you order.

That's it folks!  We'll all be capping our berries soon.
Thanks Karin!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Marly, for your help in locating a source for the. Berry caps!

Marilyn said...

Thanks Marly,
E-mail sent!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Thanks SO MUCH for the contact info!! My email has been sent!!
Hope you have a BERRY Happy Day!
Warm Hugs~

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