Aug 14, 2016

All alone!

EDIT - That's why my blogging break is always interrupted.  I've been working on my long list of things to finish, but there are no stitchers to share it with but you!
Remember the stitching journal I wanted?  Searched and searched, found none, and I know that most people use their "devices" to store info, but I'm a limited device person.  Besides, you can't save a linen swatch in them.
I wanted flexibility (since the body lost it I need it somewhere in my life) so that I can move, add, store.  Bound journals are just paper. 
My ARC from Staples to the rescue.  Martha Stewart also has this system and it's her inserts that I am using.  All from Staples when they have the 20% off bag sale.  I am such a coupon addict.
You can get dividers, plastic pockets perfect for swatches, even zippered inserts.  The plastic discs can be purchased in a larger size if the journal becomes thicker.  This is the medium size but it also comes in full size.  The littlest one would be sufficient for project notes and color changes, but there are no inserts offered, just paper.
I have a mid sized 3-ring binder but I prefer this for its flat shape and convenience. 
I glued a label to the front so I know which one is for needlework (I have several), and this will work out great.  The acrylic/vinyl cover warped/curled after the glue dried which also happens on the paper mache journals.  Always glue another piece (heavy card stock or light cardboard) on the inside of the cover to stabilize it.
I also have the special paper punch (the small cheap one) so I can use card stock to make my own dividers or pockets if needed.  A small swatch of linen counts and colors will be stapled to a few heavy pages and kept in the back for reference. The plan was to print my own pages with headings but it's not necessary.  I'm lucky I got this far. 
And I couldn't wait to share!  Maybe this will excite the mojo and lift me a step higher out of the slump.
My SIL purchased a needlework journal from a shop many years ago, and it was really nice.  She took a photo of each finish and included that on the page which offered areas for changes, designer, fabric, threads, dates, and recipient.  I need to remember to ask her daughter (who now has it) to bring it with her next visit.  I would love to see it again.
I'm leaving now.
Have a good one!

EDIT - Christine mentioned that she has one from Yarn Tree which never showed up in my searches.  Here is the link if anyone is interested.  Read the shipping page, there is a charge for orders under $25 and also under $100 for wholesale orders.  Not sure if an individual can order but your local shop can get it for you too.

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