Aug 5, 2016


Linen.  All started with Rit's Dark Brown (too reddish for me) and each took the color differently even though they were very similar to start.  After drying, I put the solution in a spray bottle, added a little more of the brown (and also a drop of yellow and orange) and sprayed the linen to create an almost invisible mottling.
I'm using pieces that I did not like for one reason or another but if any result in a great brown, I'll stitch with it.  I usually save the dye solution but didn't this time. I already have several jars in the basement.
The darkest piece I have right now is the Birds of a Feather Sparrow and I may end up using it for Nan's sampler.

Hours later...
here's what each piece looks like after the process.

Not as dark as the Sparrow, but plenty dark enough.
 This is a piece of unbleached linen which is what I usually grab for a sampler, and you can see the difference.  I may get another spray bottle with a touch of yellow to brighten the two outside pieces.   The Sparrow is really nice, REALLY dark, and I'm still not sure which I will use, but leaning toward the center piece.

Sparrow is a happy brown.  I want a crabass brown.  Can you imagine the color names if I sold hand dyed linen?

 Crabass Brown.  Bite me Blue.  Miserable Mauve.  Cranky Coral.  Whiny wine.  Grouchy Green.  Nasty Red.  Irascible Iris.  Peeved Pink.  MenoMelon.  Bitch Ball Gray.  For now, Crabass Brown sounds just perfect.
Enjoy your day - thanks for visiting.
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