Aug 6, 2016

It doesn't take much

to turn a slump into a suspension for me.  After all the dyeing and adjusting to get the deep crabass brown shade I wanted, took the time to work out the best colors for it, even ran the red thread to make sure the border will be in line, and I'm screwed.  Maybe you can tell me why.

This is the chart and the count is correct. Using the 30 count fabric, it should be 16 1/4" and it states to cut the linen 18".  My piece is 19 1/2". 

The 233 stitch count ÷ 14 (28 count fabric) would be 16.6". 

For 30 count, 233 ÷ 15 would be 15.5". 

This is 30 count and I'm already at 17" and I have 26 rows to go!  What the hell?  What did I do?

I have counted over and over, have no more room, and (I'll say it again because I need it to sink into my brain) still have 24 rows to go.  Can anyone figure this out?  Do I have watermelon brain from eating too much of it?  It doesn't make sense.  I'm putting it aside and will try to figure this out tomorrow. 
Mark just told me that Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is on the tv.  The movie that makes me laugh until the tears come and the mascara runs.  Half over and I'm starting with the car rental so the best is yet to come.  After all the stitching issues, the day will be ending with laughter. 
Hope you're having the giggles too.
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