Aug 25, 2016

Hornbook offer

Greetings folks.  After many hours (days, really) working on only three little labels, I have given up.  I don't know if the new inks in the printer have changed formula or what, but they are giving me fits.  Changing to pink or green tones when glued, changing again when sealed, so I am using the design I had printed a while ago when I thought about making these before the ink cartridges were replaced. Whatever the reason, I can't waste any more time on a little inexpensive item.  And after staining them all, I realized they look so much better on a solid background, so I am doing a paint wash in dark brown over the stain. 
 Because of all this trouble, I wanted to burn them, but decided to calm down and grow up.  Things happen, go wrong, create more work, require more patience, cause stress, but they are things.  Things.  Not my health, not my family, not those fricking brat cats, just things.  I am heartbroken at the news of my cardiologist, a wonderful kind man, and also a friend's DIL at 46 years of age.  Devastating and unexpected diagnoses that leave very little hope.  And I'm going to get upset over little hornies that I want to be perfect for my stitching buds?  Cause myself to become Velcro Velma 24/7 with these hot flashes?  Make my monitor beep again?  No.  I'm calming down, enjoying the crock pot's kielbasa and peppers aroma.  So.  For you.  A very small offer.  A little hornbook giveaway.  They will be available when I list the boxes in a few weeks, but thought packing one and shipping it away would be a small symbolic get the hell away from me and satisfy the snark.  I can be thankful, I can calm down, I can accept the insignificant annoyances, but if menopause has taught me anything, it's that the snark must escape or there will be consequences. 
If you would like this small offer (these are printed labels, not actual stitchery), you know what to do.  We've done it enough times!  The 3-in-1 hornie measure is 2" across, 3" to the top, and 4" with the handle to gauge your project's stitching or linen margin, but please don't expect them to be exact!  After sanding they may be 1/16" off.  I know it's not even worth mentioning but I don't want any emails correcting me.  Yes, it happens!
Leave your initials in your comment, email me if you are unable to leave a comment, and I will draw a name on Sunday 28 at 8pm. 
Have a great weekend,
stay safe, snark with a thankful heart.
You can quote me.
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