Aug 22, 2016

Two steps forward

ten steps back.  Do you have any idea how many times I have removed and restarted with different colors on this sampler?  I lost count myself.  Yes the pumpkin looks great on this brown linen and it goes very well with my sampler sack, but I want the stronger colors in the bottom section.  So for the last time, I am removing the latest choice of pumpkin and replacing it with the 612.  I'm sticking with three colors in the alpha and it will take a while to remove the pumpkin, but I may continue with the rest of the project first and go back later.
Hornies are a real bitch.  To size something so small has not been fun and quite time consuming.  I like seeing "bits" of samplers but for some reason, I have to have it more concise and balanced.  Geez.  I wonder what that reason could be.

Houses do not work well on these because of the size and after finally uncrossing my eyes yesterday, I am limiting the sampler designs to three of these four. 
Everything will be for sale at one time.  Because these horny hornie measures are made of 1/4" thick wood, they must ship with the package rate of $2.60.  I was going to take one of my many Death by Chocolate Zucchini Breads down to Bruce for sympathy, but my favorite postal guy follows the rules.  No bribes. 
Have a good week.  So upset that we are in the 20's of August.
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