Jan 3, 2017

Newly found

Hello people.  Hope all is well.  I've had to disinfect my car yesterday and today, taking Carole to doctors and testing.  She has a bug that comes with a relentless choking cough.  Double doses of a steroid pack preceded by a steroid injection.  Way too much for her and all her heart meds but they insisted.  Hopefully, something will help enough to allow her to lie down and get some sleep.

I had a lightweight down jacket on at the doc office.  No where did I see the wall mounted hand sanitizers, so while waiting for the doc to enter the room, I went to the sink and used the pump there. The spout was clogged with dried up gel and when I hit it, it shot up instead of down, all over the arm of my jacket.  We were moved to another room for a lung treatment and he popped back in just at the moment I was putting a tongue depressor in my purse.  They are perfect to put under that wobbly table.  Today at the clinic I rammed into the back of her wheelchair and shot her forward when I grabbed the handles to push her.  I forgot they are hand brakes now.  Then I came home to find my other laptop died, right before backup.  I wish I could afford a Mac.  Windows updates and IE upgrade caused the crash and I'm so tired of this I will not even try to work it out.

So here's what my brother found when going through some stored boxes.  I'm not sure if I will keep any, thought I would show them to you and maybe put a price on a few.  This first set is done on Aida from the early 80's, 7" pillow rounds, and mostly all filled in with stitches.  I will try to adjust the finishing because it's not what I would expect from a professional finisher.  The piping and back are the same Aida.
These are adorable standing Santas.  VERY nice finishing with burgundy velvet backs and piping.  The largest stands 12" the other two 8".

This little thing is unusual.  It is entirely filled with stitches and sewn into a stiff  ????  It's hollow, stands by itself, and wonky.  Red stitches are striped with metallic floss and trim is Wisper or another fuzz. Not sure if I will try to straighten out this one.
Another very large pillow on white Klostern with velvet back and piping.

A few pieces are needlepoint, but it took me a while to identify this design.  The wheels of this locomotive should have been darker and outlined.
So there you have it.   Not sure about prices yet, I'm not good at that.  What do you think?  I would post more photos of the items up for sale.  I also have my linen grab bag ready but with the computer issues, I lost the post.  Starting over. 
Ta-ta folks!


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