Jul 28, 2017

Like hitting a brick wall

I am stumped.  Technically, I did not hit into a brick wall, but did run into the glass wall at Walmart.  I took Carole for labs and she whined on the way home about needing things at Walmart, sooooo..... I stopped and ran in for her, she prefers to sit in the car.  As I was leaving with bags lining my arms and good forward momentum, I shoved the cart into the buggy area and headed straight for the door.  It wasn't a door.  The panels of glass right next to the doors look like doors, but they don't open as you approach. Who knew? 
Finishing Polly is like hitting a wall because I am truly stumped.  I followed the linen thread top to bottom for the fold.  Didn't work.  So I pulled a linen thread out hoping it would show the error.  Nope.  It's creased on the same thread, the pull is straight, yet I am wider at the top than the bottom.  Polly is long and thin (wouldn't that be nice?) and in order to lay flat and straight when hanging, those edges have to be perfect.  They are.  So why the hell is the top wider?   I've been doing this over and over and feel like I'm back at Walmart.  Now what?

I tried hanging it anyway but it twists as if it was on the bias. I thought maybe dampening and trying to stretch the width with the iron may make it worse so my best solution right now is to hand wash and try to block it for drying.  I've used the dryer before and that is an option too.  It's very stiff and coarse linen, the same type I used when dyeing and I know the dryer would not hurt it.   For now, I'm putting it aside.
I should be looking for a new project, but I'm not.  Don't want to!
A few years ago I showed Ann's wallets in a post and another of her Ann Wade needleworker's pocketbook finish.  I will be showing more of her work, wallets and pinballs very soon.  Did you know there is an Ann Wade sampler coffee mug? Buy it here.
Have a great weekend.
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