Jul 27, 2017

The big little gift

Krissy B. told me that she and her hubby were sending me a little gift.  I expected little.  Not so.  

I was stunned to open the envelope and see my very first hooked piece.  I've seen small items imported from China in a shop, but this is real.  Honest to goodness real hookin' from a blog buddy with a big heart!  I was blown away. 

But there was more.  The wonderful scent of lavender coming from the sweetest mini stitch ever.  After a week of frustration and stress dealing with family demands again, I just breathed in the lavender and held my gift, it melted away.  The right time, the right day, the perfect gifts.  Kris said I own the only piece of 40 count she will ever stitch. I've never seen this design and have to have it.  It is so tiny and so precious, I just love it. Pineberry Lane's Tokens of Affection.

Her husband included a gift for mine, too.  Since they both fish and make their own jigs, he shared his creations.  My husband's are solid color so he was happy to see these.  Aren't they cool?
Thank you so very much Kris and Mark.  I am just so thrilled with these pieces and grateful that you both have shared your handwork with us.  Wowee!  Thank you thank you thank you.
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