Jul 22, 2017

Scaredy cats

Good grief it's sprinkling.  We need to take cover!


Holy cow was that thunder?   Move over Nit!  Can we both fit in this box?  There is no way we are going in that house no matter how often she calls us.  We can sense those flea med vials a mile away. 
Quote of the day -
You've reached senior status when shaving your lip takes priority over shaving your legs.
Hope your day is great.


Jacqueline said...

That quote, while appropriate, just cracked me up.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your cats are very smart! Both in getting out of the rain and avoiding meds

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I'm sure that is the exact conversation they had!
Scared, but Smart!! Love your stitched piece!
Take care and hope you all stay dry!
Heart Hugs~

Mary A said...

My five felines can read my mind when it comes to their flea meds. I try to distract them but they are quick to catch on. I give out the occasional treat so that I can bribe them to come inside to do the deed. Your stitched piece is lovely.

Truus said...

Kitties are so clever they can hear what you are thinking!
Good luck with giving their treat.
Love your sampler
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

I have reached that status and I totally understand about kitties.
I had a tiny little sedum that grew off of a leaf that fell off of the big plant. Brought it in the house to protect it from squirrels...........Pippa ate it !
I tried.
Have a happy Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

deb said...

Hide, but not inside! Funny but frustrating that they seem to have medication radar, isn't it?

I'm loving that sampler, it is gorgeous! Is it the same one with the sideways section of initials nearer the top, or did I miss a new start?

The Eveningstitcher said...

Lip hair....chin hair....nose hair...they all take priority over leg hair that's for sure!! Too funny, Marly! I love the sampler....it's beautiful! I finished one of Lori's samplers and have started one from Scattered Seed SAmpler...then I am on to Polly Cole! It's a beauty! Love those kitties!!

Maggee said...

You have conquered the flowers and they look GREAT! Bunch of 'fraidy cats... :) Hugs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE that quote. Sad but true!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I keep telling my husband that my beard is better than his! Luckily he needs glasses to see up close so he can't see my hairs! Cats are so funny!!

Frances N said...

Two in the box together!!! How cute is that?

CJ said...

Totally agree abut the hair. Love the cats.

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