Oct 23, 2017

The robe

Thought I would share a vintage robe that my sister found in her downsizing attempt.  She dated a serviceman that was stationed in Japan late 50's (?) early 60's (?).  He bought her many items there, pearls, ivory, silk scarves, and this robe.  What exquisite workmanship.  There are no tags except for the Trademark Made in Japan but I believe it must be silk.  Fully lined to the edges throughout, even the sleeve seams are covered in tape. I tried finding something similar in online vintage shops, hoping to sell it for her, but haven't found anything close.  Most are kimonos. 
 Isn't it gorgeous?  The inside impressed me almost  as much and I wonder if it was handsewn.
Funny, I don't ever remember my sister being thin enough for this.  There isn't enough to wrap around me but oh so luxurious and light.  For now it will hang in the closet and I will look through the silk jammies and scarves for more treasures.  The ivory carved daisy necklace was a gift he sent to Carole's little sister (moi) and it is sized for a girl.  I have since removed the yellow ink from the centers.  It's real ivory from 50 years ago before they banned it.  So sad and disgusting that majestic animals are mutilated for profit including removing the shark's fins and putting it back into the waters to slowly suffer and die.  Uh oh.  SOOT!!!
This wasn't very interesting was it?  But I thought you might like to see a beautifully made article from over 50 years ago.  
I didn't start any stitching and probably won't until my right hand is without tissue held to my nose.  Don't worry Roann!  I used a Clorox wipe on the pillow, packaging, tape, and box!
Have a good day!


3millplainrd said...

Thank you for your strong words speaking out against ivory and the shark fin horror. I cannot even look at ivory or any type of horn antique. After all these years, we still have this problem.

Joanie said...

I am having SOOT moments too. I don't know why...just weepy today. I can't look at shark fins or scrimshaw or ivory. Makes me sad to think that animals are still a commodity and disposable with no feeling.

gracie said...

It is beautiful.

Marilyn said...

It might be raw silk.
My Aunt was in the Air Force and went to many countries in her travels.
She always brought things back.
She was stationed in Japan, and brought back a piece of raw silk, which I still have.
Its not shiny like regular silk. I also have a Kimono she brought back too.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Exquisite craftsmanship!!!

Ms Peppercorn said...

That is the most beautiful robe I have ever seen. Thank you so much for showing us.

C. M. Designs said...

So sad about any kind of animal abuse......then and now. I see such sad, awful pictures on Facebook and hide them quickly. So very sad what some animals go through.
Beautiful kimono and necklace. Maybe you should have the pieces appraised ?
Sorry your are going through SOOT...........I'm having repair troubles in two bathrooms.........but the tears won't come. Wish I could have a good meltdown. I'm just stunned with it all.
Thinking of you !
Charlotte in Va.

Maggee said...

Such a pretty robe! Sure looks like silk. I am a grouch when it comes to any kind of animal abuse... even more so after becoming a birder! Hugs!

wranglerkate said...

That robe is exquisite! I hope you're holding on to it. Just a beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

I love this blogpost. Very interesting.

Christine Gibbons


Vera said...

That robe is GORGEOUS! Love it. Such fine details and workmanship.

deb said...

The robe is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the incredible workmanship.

Brings to mind the lightweight silk fabric I have ... somewhere, a dozen yards at least. My dad was in Japan right after the war and bought 100 yards of it - 50 in each of two colors! I remember my mom making curtains, dresser skirts, and bunches of other things from it. So thanks for triggering that happy memory.

Judy said...

We lived in Japan for three years, so I know the workmanship on all the Items is just exquisite. Wonderful memories I’m sure.

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