Jul 16, 2018

A nifty decking tool

Greetings!  Update on the boys - Nitzy has improved and will be trying to avoid capture for his Thursday appointment.  Doctor had emergencies today and with an overloaded schedule can't see Budman until tomorrow morning at 11:30.  I have amoxicillin which is what they will give him, so I crushed the flavored chewable and dissolved it.  No way it's going down even with the dropper.  He is so congested and miserable I don't want to make it worse for him but will try again later.  On top of it all he is very annoyed that I will not allow him to go outside.
Mark and I are working in 94 degree high humidity against a black house that radiates heat like an oven.  Taking breaks but it's terrible.  We bought a tool at Home Depot for wood decking that hides those nasty screws.  Some warped boards still need to be pulled in before securing but I love the fact that those top side screws are hidden.
We got the Camo Marksman Pro-X1 which gives a 1/16" gap between boards for treated lumber.  There are other models for composite and larger spacing, videos on YouTube.  Still need a few face nails in odd places but this will make it so much nicer and the reviews on the tool are very good.  The tool was $40 and the large pack of screws another $50 but well worth it.  Lowe's price was higher and we didn't have time to search for online prices.  For the 5/4 decking we went with the longer screws and if a board needs replaced, the screws are removable. 
Good stuff!!  Break is over and my sweat will ruin the laptop so ...


Vickie said...

Girl you MUST be losing weight!!!

C M Designs said...

You both need to take breaks and drink lots of water. Don't have a heat stroke !
Feel badly for your kitties.
Glad Nitzy is somewhat better.
I know you'll enjoy your new deck when it's finished.
We're having a thunderstorm now.....really need the rain.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary A said...

Glad to hear that Nitzy is not at death's door but now Budman is feeling down. Never a break is there? Take care in this heat. Our home is east facing and the front has a lot of brick. Do you know what they make outdoor pizza ovens out of? That's right, brick! So I know how you feel. I try to work in the evening when this side is in the shade. Drink lots of water.

Margaret said...

Oh no! I was so happy to read Nitzy was feeling better, but then I read about Budman. :( Sorry you are having to work so hard in the humidity. it really is disgusting -- don't know how you are managing.

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