Jul 17, 2018

A very long day

Remember this guy?

Just can't let a year go by without hiring him!  When I had his business do my sister's home, his workers showed, not him.  When we had mulch delivered, his workers showed, not him.  Well guess what?  He came over yesterday and will be working on the front area!  His very self!  Yay!!  If it's possible, he and his man bun, dark tan, and a few wrinkles have made him even better looking.  So why is he doing the work instead of his crew?  Because two of his long time employees took positions that are year round, not seasonal.  The others had to be let go because they claim their weed smoking is medicinal.  Well you cannot operate machinery, drive huge trucks with trailers, and be sober enough to be careful digging around utilities.  If you cause an accident with the company equipment or vehicles, the company is liable.  Grow up people.  So he advertised for a month and there are no younger people willing to do physical work, or that can pass a drug screening.  His company is now downsized, no more patios or walkways, just landscaping and light excavating.  His only workers include a 20 year old who doesn't know the difference between a shrub and a tree (currently not feeling well so took a week off to rest on vacation) and a FIFTEEN year old neighbor.  Next week, this gorgeous hard working man will be here.
The boys are both recuperating while the antibiotics kick in, Nit goes back Friday morning and Bud returns Monday.  Doc said Bud is so congested he is not getting air through nostrils.  I do not have to administer the drug, both are getting 5 day injections.  Did you even hear a cat's nasal cry?  Sounded like kids in a schoolyard!  We couldn't help but laugh at him poor baby! He weighs 17# and for the first time ever witnessed him hissing. 
See the screws in the deck boards?  That's the back, and here's the front done with the Camo system.  Very glad we used it.  You can see tiny little screw holes in the edges of the boards, some face nailing with the same screws where required, but a nice smooth surface to stain and finish.
 Between cleaning up the sawdust and putting away tools, me brother kept me on the phone and we ended up heating a meal and taking it to him, then running out to Walmart to pick up antibiotics the doctor called in for him.  His oldest cat has not been feeling well and he has been giving her meds.  Today, when he came up behind her to pick her up for the dose, she was startled and tore into him biting him twice.  The worst is on his thumb that has a ganglion cyst to be removed next week.  Within two hours his entire hand was swelled, he went to the doc for a tetanus, and an hour later he couldn't use his hand.  All the way to the wrist the swelling and pain are severe.  So we took the food down and offered to get his meds so he wouldn't have to drive with one hand.   The cat had an appointment tomorrow for a shot but he cancelled because he can't get her into a carrier with one hand, and driving is not advised.  Ice hasn't helped and he has Raynaud's so that isn't a good idea anyway.  His hands are white and like ice in 90 degree heat.  I don't know if that contributes to the bite reaction or if it relates to the cyst since it is close to it.
My nephew is having problems with his insulin pump (his sensor came off at night, paramedics again - he was THIRTY!) and the doctor left town, the PA left town, and no one is here to prescribe supplies or change settings until November.  This area is really getting to be a dead zone.
That's it!  Ready to sit down and read the new American Country magazine received today. 
What the hell is Hallmark doing with the night time lineup?
Have a happy hump day.
Thanks for visiting and your well wishes for the boys.


Amanda said...

Tell your brother to be careful with that cat bite! One of my cats bit my thumb very badly. Thought I'd get away with a shot and prescription, but the next day, well, I wound up in the hospital for 3 days on IV antibiotics. Cat bites are nasty.

Cannot believe all the exterior work you are doing. When it gets this hot, I just become one with the air conditioning and keep the fine folks at Liptons in business.

Vickie said...

I am praying for your cats to fully recover. Oh my Bud is a BIG guy!! Murphy is 15 pounds!!
The situation with your nephew is so worrisome. November is a long ways off.

C M Designs said...

Prayers all around for your family and your kitties and you !
Will you be serving sweet tea to your landscaper ? Wow !
Budman has our Sheldon beat by 2 lbs. Big boys !
Take care.......the days are getting shorter.
Charlotte in Va.

debbie haggard said...

Oh My!! who needs chocolate when you have this eye candy around?! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Yes, beware of cat bites. Thankfully my son responded to antibiotics when his cat bit him while trying to apply flea meds. They said if he didn't, he could end up in the hospital for a week!
So hard to find good, reliable help. Millennials want to start their working lives making 6 figures. So many need a reality check.
Poor nephew. He just can't win, can he?

Heritage Hall said...

Gorgeous, indeed... I wager the young female population
would rally round to help the poor guy mow a few lawns..
just include that picture in the ad... Hope all works
out for your Nephew (November ???), that your cats rally
and that your Brother overcomes the bite... You have
permission to have a piece of chocolate...bless you.

3millplainrd said...

my nephew has a similar business in Michigan, pays cash at $15an hour and cannot get help. This is unskilled labor and no-body wants to earn $15 an hour.

Anonymous said...

Marly, your life sounds like a soap opera! You truly are a thoughtful and caring person, your family is blessed to have you near. And yes, the landscaper is handsome indeed!

Vera said...

Sorry to hear about your brother. Your family is lucky to have you around to help them Marly! Does that guy want to come East to work?

Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to get some static from someone with all the dust-up going on in the country today, but here it goes. Your very handsome, young, hard-working landscaper should look for a worker from the Latino community. They don't mind hard physical work and are happy to have a job. Lots of people complain that they are taking jobs from Americans but the problem is most of those jobs Americans don't want. Some people hire them and pay less than they would a "local" which is frankly unfair. OK. Rant over.

Fran Caswell said...

Enjoy the view!!!! :- )

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