Jul 19, 2018

Primitive Place

GONE!!  Thank you!
Glad someone else will enjoy them before recycling.

Before I recycle these 26 magazines, if anyone would like them the medium flat rate box for shipping would be $13.50 (US).  Includes the current 2018 Summer.  They begin with Spring 2011, Spring Fall and Winter 2012, then four issues for each following year to current.  If you want them, please email samplersandsantas@gmail.com.   Mags are free, postage (US) is $13.50 Priority.
Brother received treatment at the ER and they changed the antibiotic he received from his doctor which was not correct.  Swelling is half way to elbow!  Still very red and hot but no worse today which is good.
Have a good day!


Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, I am glad your brother is doing better. Cat bites can be dangerous. I thought it sounded like blood poisoning when I first read about it. A few years ago my mother had a bite from an indoor only cat, and she ended up in the hospital for four days. It can really be serious. Keep an eye on him.

I'm anxiously waiting to hear how your kitties are doing. I once had a cold virus go through all the cats, and it took over 6 months before they were all over it. That is where I learned to give cats liquid amoxicillin:) Melinda

Jacqueline said...

Glad your brother is doing better.

Heritage Hall said...

One can only wonder what some of these doctors are doing?
Remember "do no harm"? So glad your brother is finding relief.

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