Dec 25, 2018


T'was the day of the Christmas and all through the house
there was good food and good gifts for family and spouse.
But if Krampus was there, he would be using his switch
to punish the piggishness of the overindulging bitch.
The holiday tradition of cookies cakes and treats
was not handled well by the gal addicted to sweets.
So here she sits bloated with tight pants and waist,
upset with her gluttony, the display was a disgrace.
So all that is left is secured in the basement,
while hoping to find other healthy replacements.
But like a forbidden love that can't be relinquished,
the craving for chocolate is hard to extinguish.
Should she try on the jeans she can no longer wear,
or stand in the mirror totally naked and bare?
That should do it!  It's impossible to deny,
the treats she is stuffing go right to the thighs.
And look at the stomach from back front and side,
the shock on her face is almost as wide!
She thought she could handle a few now and then,
but soon realized it was happening again.
Will power is necessary to reach a goal,
but that will never happen until she has control.
Chocolate consumption can't be gradually decreased,
to stop the addiction it must be totally ceased.
Damn it.


diamondc said...

Marly: You crack me up, thank-you for a great belly laugh.


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho!You are one sweet treat! Merry Christmas!

3millplainrd said...

That was fun.

arcadia said...

You always make my day, you are so talented ! Thanks a lot for this Xmas chuckle, I totally recognize myself ha ha ha (or should I say oh oh oh ?) .... LOL

Ele said...

Thank a lot for this Christmas poem!
Lots of love from someone who will soon be rushing the gym in the (vain) hope to counteract too many treats

Sandra said...

I promise you the craving for chocolate and sweet things will go very quickly. I decided I needed to lose some weight last Spring, and all I did was cut out everything I was eating between meals, so no cake, biscuits or sweets and I lost 18 Pounds. I had 3 chocolates yesterday but they tasted very sweet so I am not tempted to have more. It's taken me years to realise that losing weight is not about eating lettuce leaves, but just being sensible. Good luck, you can do it, you are a very determined person.

Anonymous said...

Marly, everyone knows that CALORIES don't count at Christmas! All that outdoor work you do will burn them off. Happy New Year!

C M Designs said...

Marly, the same thing went on here. I had been used to eating VERY small meals and to
have been a "piggy" with the Christmas meal made me feel just like you did/do.
Love your are so talented in more ways than one.
Maybe we all can get back on track this week, before New Year's Eve.
I had lost 20 lbs. over the past year and want to keep it off.
Thinking of you! ! !
Charlotte in Va.

Truus said...

Marly I have laughed about your poem -but about my weight I can cry.
Enjoy the Christmas days and after these days ban the chocalate and cookies. I do hope it will work for me
Have a great day en enjoy!!!
Greetings Truus from Holland

Rugs and Pugs said...

The scale was very unkind to me today. ARGH! There is all this food normally not in my house, and it will praoably go to waist.

Unknown said...

That is good.

debbie haggard said...

I think your very creative poem speaks for most of us.... If we could only bottle will power and take a teaspoon every morning, noon, and evening... wouldnt that be lovely?!

Anonymous said...

Marly, You are so witty and talented! Thank you for the laughs!! SAH

Vickie said...

Oh Marly I hear ya. This is SUCH a hard time of year. The best way is to just get the chocolate out of the house all together probably!! :(

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