Dec 27, 2018

It's rude to ignore a gift

So down the steps I go.  He paid a lot for this candy from our local chocolatier Philadelphia Candies.  We don't have a Macy's, we don't have a Sears, we don't have a K Mart, but we have TWO chocolatiers, both excellent.  Now.  What's more important?
Top layer is gone, bottom soon to follow, probably within hours.  He went through the expense and trouble for me, I can't let him down.  It's best to get these over with as soon as possible.
A friend remodeled her kitchen many years ago (well … decades) and I took her painted plywood cabinets to install in our basement.  Candy safe is in the corner.  At the time, I was a gung-ho gardener canning beets and peppers and such.  So we bought the cheapest gas stove we could find and moved the old fridge in, and then I quit canning.  We still use the fridge for extras and the stove for larger gatherings, the cupboards are full of canned goods, the bottoms with those extra baking pans and punch bowls, crock pots, large coffee pots, and things I never use.  My sister has a huge cut glass punch bowl and tray with all the cups, hard to find that size, but no where to sell it around here.  Maybe I could check with caterers?
Above the freezer is my Coca Cola mirror.  That was long before colonial style caught my eye.  I have a Pepsi too but it's not as big or as nice.
Yesterday morning I took advantage of the gloom and enjoyed the lighted tree. We stopped at Kraynak's for the big sale and I found a perfect prelit tree, but it was only in the large 7 1/2' size.  I'm used to smaller trees and that tree will be a lot larger in my room than it looks in the store.  I'm ready to take it all down but Mark wants another week so it will stay.  He got his way with the black handles on the cabinets but I didn't admit to him it was because of your advice. 
I went to Walmart to exchange the kids' jeans for size and although their website did not show them available locally, there they were.  All three!  So that was taken care of quickly and I was the second in line at Customer Service for the exchange.  As I turned to leave, there were at least 12 people lined up.  Luck was with me!  In and out in 20 minutes the day after Christmas.
Dinner tonight with friends, doc appointments, and a warm weather forecast for Friday. 
Hope your week ends well.
Thanks for visiting.


Margaret said...

Mmmmmm, Chocolate......

Robin in Virginia said...

Yum, chocolate! Know you enjoyed it! Your tree looks fabulous, Marly!

Ms Peppercorn said...

Yes, it it so rude ! 😆 You should have played the lottery the way your day was going. I’m with Mark about keeping the tree up. I love the glow. I have kept it up through January 7th in past years for Orthodox Christmas.

debbie haggard said...

I totally subscribe to the 'hurry and eat it and then we dont have to worry about it' philosophy! I keep the lights on my tree turned on all the time- they are the prettiest and best part!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
How can you say NO to chocolate?? EVER?? If I was there, I would have helped you!!! lol
Every time you have mentioned your basement, I have had visions of a dark labyrinth of spooky rooms, like what I grew up with!! Your basement is WONDERFUL and it sure wouldn't keep me from going after the chocolate or anything else hidden there!!! Everyone needs a basement like that!! Lucky you!!
So happy your returns worked out so well!! The day after Christmas can be such a nightmare!! Enjoy your week and that warmer weather, too!!!
Heart Hugs~

diamondc said...

Marly: Your tree is beautiful.
I love your working canning kitchen, wow I wish I had one, lucky you for getting the cabinet, that is a score and a half, cabinets are so expensive.
I love chocolate, I was given a six months supply of Swiss Chocolate,I can assure everyone it will not last that long.

Happy New Year

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am so happy to hear you are not rude. I'm sure many of us would have been happy to help!
I know someone who went to the local Walmart the day after and said it was not busy at all. Glad it worked out for you and you got what you needed.
Happy New Year!
BTW...your basement kitchen looks better than my real kitchen. If you looked up "ugly kitchen" in the dictionary, you'd find mine :(

Heritage Hall said...

Hooray for chocolate...the balm that eases anything. Kitchen is too inviting to hide the stash there, if you want to avoid it...Gusty/windy/raining here today with elevated temps...that barometer is playing games with us. Glad you beat the Walmart
post holiday invasion. Your tree is so lovely...keep it glowing as long as you can.
Hope Carole is doing better.

village folk art said...

Sometimes it is better to say Yes and not No for gifts that do not meet with your liking. I still have a hard time saying 'No' and say 'Yes', getting myself in for something I do not take pleasure.
Our kids do not return our limited cash gifting ... good cause I have run out of ideas, but they always get something to remind them of the true meaning of 'Christmas'.
Your tree is wonderful and is it the 7 footer? Yaaa for Marc ... We will keep our tree up 'til the 'Baptism of the Lord', January 13th, 2019. For us that traditionally ends Christmas.
I'll take your snow and you can have my chocolate. I have a salty tooth, one not so sweet, kinda like me.
Am slowly returning to routine which is most welcome until next year, just after Halloween.
Love my visits with you . . . I look forward to them.

Happy New Year with Peace and Blessings for all,

Vickie said...

Your basement setup is great! Love the new tree Marly.

sheravery said...

I absolutely LOVE your tree!! The tree itself, the decorations, the lights---- EVERYTHING!! It's just fabulous!!! Your mantle looks to be equally drool worthy.

C M Designs said...

I would love to have your basement kitchen in my "real" kitchen. I need so much more counter space.
Love your find the best ones. It's beautiful. Am going to leave mine up until I'm ready to take it down. Maybe by my birthday the end of Jan.
I hope Carole is feeling better and you too.
Went to Walmart the day after Christmas.....the main store was practically empty, but the garden/Christmas section was a mad house.
Have a great weekend. Rainy here.
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

LOVE your pre lit tree - it's PERFECT. I might have to steal it.......Great size and so warm and welcoming. Have a great new year.

Sherry said...

You can not go wrong with chocolate! Love the tree!

Mary said...

Yum, chocolate. Your tree is very pretty.

diamondc said...

Marly:I have to comment again about this post, I have to hide my chocolate in my purse in the closet, a purse I do not use, Mike has only been in my purse one time that was when I had an accident way back in 1997, if I hid the chocolate in the microwave he would find it and eat it.
I have to have a tree like yours it is amazing.

Happy New Year

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