Sep 23, 2019

It's really over

The hydrangeas are drying on their stems, a sure sign that I can no longer ignore the loss of summer.  No need for water in the vase, the pink and green has replaced the white and their soft petals have stiffened.  I don't understand why the bushes are still producing new blooms, maybe to appease me, maybe they aren't ready to shed themselves into bare and stiff branches.  It will be eight months before they sprout and thrive and feel the warm sun and winds.  How sad.  And corny.
In just a few months this bucket will be holding a Christmas tree and I'll be crabby for months after with darkness coming very early.  My friend has said to me more than once, "don't wish your life away".  I never thought of it that way.  By hoping for summer to arrive quickly, am I wishing for my life to pass sooner?  I complain about time passing so quickly, yet that is exactly what I am desiring and not realizing it.  I am grateful to her for setting me straight.
She will be leaving tomorrow.  I hope to start feeling better this week.  I am not stressed about anything, but maybe I am not realizing it, and this is what's causing my symptoms to be so bad.  I got the results of my xrays and was upset about what they showed.  But my cousin's family member was just diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  Set me in my place rather quickly.  Damn it's hot in here.  Yes the flashes are returning and I have no idea why.
Carol is enjoying her visit here very much, but the first thing she said as entering the house, "what the hell is that!?!!?!?"  So far, not one person has known they are gourds and not from some sort of ritual.  The new landscaper was very professional, very nice, good looking (but no one can compete with Jason), and stared at them while going over our estimate.  I had them on my exterior door at one time, and the neighbors were puzzled, so I removed them.  These three are the only ones I have left, not sure I want to keep them out.  Sort of tired of the reactions!
Hope your week goes well.
Thanks for visiting.


diamondc said...

Marly: I hate winter, the hydrangeas are still blooming in my neighbors garden, the weather man says we will be having warmer then usual, plus the rotten mosquitos will be here in Minnesota till the end of October.
I love your decorating skills, I myself would not take down the gourds, I love them.
It sounds like Carole is better, glad she could visit.
So sorry to hear about the x-ray, I will keep you in my prayers.


Sandra said...

I think you should keep the gourds and enjoy people's reactions to them. No doubt you have seen the gourds on Primitive Heartstrings latest post, now one of those really does look dubious.

C M Designs said...

Could your "hot flashes" be caused by some anxiety ? There's enough going on in this world and in some lives to "choke a goat". Sure do hope you'll be feeling better soon.
I have two gourds like yours that I have out year round . They are my special favorite shape. Had seen them in magazines and several years ago, found them in a Prim shop.
I'm trying to take life a day at a time. I used to wish the time away but no more.
There's nothing we can do about how fast the seasons roll around. I think there's something special about each one.
Weatherman says the leaves will be drab this Fall because of the lack of rain. I don't know about your area. Hope yours will be pretty.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

IMHO, don't feel bad about wishing winter away. I *know* it has it's benefits, like no bugs, and many of our northern plants wouldn't do well without their chilling time. But egads it gets me crabby not seeing the daylight 5 days in a row for weeks on end! Hopefully with retirement, maybe my mood about it will change. I'll be able to see daylight and not worry about having to face the drive (and other drivers) in craptastic weather. I highly doubt wishing for next summer to be here means you are wishing your life were passing sooner, it's simply expressing your preference for other seasons. You've been having a lot to deal with as it is, wishing winter weather were not being added into the mix is quite understandable.

I like the gourds, why deny your own enjoyment of them because other people react oddly?

Michelle H said...

Who cares what people say! Also, I can't believe people don't know what a gourd is lol

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Leave the gourds up, I like them. Glad Carole is better. Enjoy life each day. BIG HUGS

Vera said...

I love the gourds...and who doesn't know what they are?

Maryann Olsaver said...

Love the gourds Marly -keep them ��

village folk art said...

Love the gourds. they add a natural, earthy and primitive look to their surroundings. Enjoy them.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I had no idea gourds are such a mystery to many!

Carol said...

I'm with you on being sad that summer is gone, Marly. I am dreading those short gray days that we have here during Pennsylvania winters. The gourds are very cool and look great in your home! Glad you had a fun time with your visitor, but I'm sorry about your x-ray results. said...

Winter is a long slog for me in eastern Canada. Harder as I get older. This year I’ve been proactive and have a book club and crafting club added to the winter months. And surprisingly, when it’s not snowing, the sun is super bright.
May your symptoms ease...

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