Nov 20, 2019


Look what came up on Ebay.  
The most gorgeous project, complete unopened kit, $390.00

And I finally finished that damn tree!!  What a hassle it has been, and after many stitches were moved to avoid collisions with branches, it looks just as wonky as the original.  Done!!  Moving on.

You know the cold weather is upon us when these brats decide to come inside for the day.  So far, no blood has been drawn, and I will keep my distance.

Have a great day!!



diamondc said...

Oh my goodness Marly: Are you going to buy that kit? it is beautiful.
I am doing a tree today and it is driving me nuts, I have ripped twice, no more its going in the way I want it too.
I do wish your brats were lovable creatures.
Have a great week.


Barb said...

You did a great job on that tree. They take lots of counting!!

Heritage Hall said...

Be still my heart.... that kit....
Love your tree... well worth the effort
but can appreciate your frustration, now over.
Those guys look quite content together.

C M Designs said...

I, too, wish that Missy and Budman were more lovable, approachable kitties. Hate to hear about blood being drawn whenever you try to help them.
Getting started on my Christmas decorations. Not really in the mood this year.
Have a pleasant weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Ms Peppercorn said...

That kit is lovely but wondering why it’s so expensive? Limited release to keep it dear? Just thinking out loud.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Damn tree looks good :)

Anonymous said...

Wonky is good, looks fine to me. I went to school in Chester Co, so beautiful and Chester Co. Historical Society has some lovely samplers. Your furrballs are so cute, I too wish they were more tolerant, but they love you! How's Petey?

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