Dec 3, 2019

The shame of it

There were always bad asses that started fights, stole a pack of smokes, always in trouble.  But in today's society, the number of people raised to believe it is acceptable to steal, disrespect others and their property, expect to not be punished for their deeds, is astonishing.  Cemeteries are not immune, summer flowers of departed loved ones are taken, and at this time of year, wreaths are removed.  Even the artificial flowers aren't safe.  
My parents' stone has two vases and I have liners that hold the seasonal memorials.  We drilled a hole in the bottom to insert a sturdy wire up to the top and through the floral, down the outside to meet with the bottom end and twist shut.  If they try to grab and go, it won't pull out.  
The wire also makes the liner fit very tightly and removal is not easy.  And just for spite, I leave a few long wires twisted to stems that will puncture the scum's skin.  Not always a good idea because their mentality is that they have a right to steal.  I wonder how they would react if someone would try taking from them?

Another group of Santas are grounded.  No hanging this year.

My podiatrist is one of my favorite docs.  He does not believe in using the hospital for surgeries that can be done with local anesthetic, and I agree.  I've had this done before and although the shots between toes are excruciating, I do not have to deal with hospital protocols and procedures, additional costs, and being knocked out.  He is the only podiatrist around here that does the office surgeries.  So I will be there only about an hour, after the initial scream.   But I've had an intestinal bug for 4 days so I will tell him that if I say .... uh-oh...., he better put down newspapers.  I don't know what caused it but because of the road trip Friday I am eating the only thing I know is safe, chocolate.  I hope it ends soon.

Petey seems to be doing OK, I don't see signs of an infection.  He is coming closer to the house and is never quiet.  I do believe he had a family.  The brats are not happy, and this boy deserves a home and human.
Have a good day!!



Vickie said...

Marly I am so sorry you have an intestinal bug to deal with while you are getting this procedure done on your foot. I am praying it all goes smoothly.

Sherry B said...


I agree whole heartedly about the thievery and terrible behavior of a select group of our society. I am the lone ranger of the family who visits the cemetery. I tend their graves every season and have had my flowers stolen as well. The public cemetery publishes notices in the paper for their "clean up" days where the staff makes a sweep of the property. It is advertisement for anyone to come take anything they want. What do they do with these decorations ??? I imagine some reuse them but most are probably sold in flea markets and yard sales. How low can you go to steal from the dead.
Good luck with your procedure and tummy troubles.

Sherry B

Rugs and Pugs said...

The entitlement mentality is so very sad.
I hope you feel better soon and your procedure goes smoothly.
Happy to hear Petey is okay and getting braver.

Truus said...

Love your display of the Santas!
Hope your foot will be okay very soon without trouble!
Petey is doing well and hope he will stay save lateron in your garage during the winter.
Have a great day and hugs
Greetings, Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

Love your Santas displayed just as they are. They are all beautiful.
Thinking of you and Carole and praying for good health for both of you.
Such a sad situation in our country now. Just heard that christian verses are not being permitted on the dog tags of our service men.
I hope that Petey will be fine this winter. Too bad that your other kitties won't accept him. He's a beautiful kitty. God bless you for trying to help him in any way you can.
Will go to the cemetery this weekend. Have been told not to leave the candle holders, that I paid 300.00 for, out for any length of time. Some folks have had them stolen.
Have had bows taken off of flower container. Jill and I use the pins to hold garden cloth to hold wreaths on the ground. So far, they've worked.
Take care my friend.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

I'm not sure if it's epidemic of entitlement or of "if I can't have nice, no one else can either". Both? Stinks no matter what. Based on the condition of artificial flowers left out for weeks & months in sun, rain, snow, wind, and blowing dust, I can't imagine anyone selling them. Certainly not buying them.

As long as Petey has a place that's dry, out of the wind, and somewhat enclosed to retain some of his heat he'll be OK with access to food and water. Definitely not as comfortable as if he were in a house, garage or barn, but still OK. It might take him months to get comfortable enough to be petted. We had an old neighborhood tom cat making the rounds that wouldn't let us within 20 feet, until one day he showed up with a broken glass jar stuck on his head. It took a couple of days to finally catch Buster and remove the jar rim. After that he was OK to be petted, as long as we were on the porch. I'm not sure if it was the removing the jar rim or the canned food and water we gave him immediately after that changed his attitude.

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